Sigma’s 24-35mm f/2 Art is Like a Prime Lens that Zooms

by JamesNYCJuly 21. 2015 23:13

Sigma recently announced another groundbreaking lens in their acclaimed Global Vision line of Art series lenses, the 24-35mm f/2. This is the world’s first full frame zoom lens with an f/2 aperture. You heard that right. Prime lens speed, with the ability to change the focal length of the lens. Wow.

Some of the photos in the review were shot with the Canon 5Ds and are huge! All files were only lightly edited in Lightroom CC. Only minor exposure adjustments or minor cropping. No sharpening added.

All eyes have been on Sigma for their Art series lenses for some time now. Sigma has had prime lenses at a reasonable price for a long time, but they practically crushed the prime lens category with releases like the 35mm f/1.4 Art and the 50mm f/1.4 Art.

The popularity and positive reviews of these lenses have put the pressure on Sigma to keep coming out with top quality lenses (at a relatively low price) and it looks like they are not being shy with the innovation. It’s nothing short of remarkable that Sigma was able to achieve a constant f/2 aperture, multiple focal lengths and still cover a full frame sensor.

here are the specs of this lens, so you know what we are dealing with:

Focal Length: 24 – 35mm (Comparable 35mm Equivalent on APS-C Format Focal Length: 38.4 – 56 mm)
Aperture: f/2-f/16
Mounts: Canon, Nikon, Sigma
Angle of View: 84.1° 63.4′
Minimum Focus Distance: 11″ (27.94 cm)
Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:4.4
Elements/Groups: 18/13
Diaphragm Blades: 9, Rounded
Image Stabilization: No
Autofocus: Yes
Filter Thread: 82 mm
Dimensions: 3.4 x 4.8″ (8.64 x 12.19 cm)
Weight: 2.075 lbs. (941 g)



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