“Twin Peaks” creator David Lynch reveals where his ideas come from

by JamesNYCMay 8. 2014 14:53

Ever wonder where the man behind the movie “Blue Velvet” and other artistic endeavors gets his ideas? Last week in a talk with Paul Holdengräber at Brooklyn Academy of Music, David Lynch gave us a glimpse into his extraordinary and brilliant mind.

Asked about where his ideas come from, Lynch explained,”It comes like on a TV in your mind.” Lynch also called ideas “beautiful gifts.” A portion of the hour-long talk can be viewed below:

It's always great to hear how others creative get there ideas; as opposed to those that steal and "Re-purpose" the works of others from the past.

According to Brooklyn Magazine, Lynch expounded on other topics. In terms of music Lynch loves Kanye West, specifically “Yeezus,” which he said was “one of the most modern pieces and so minimal, so powerful but at the same time so beautiful.” He also loves Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young.

He also thinks everybody is a voyeur, saying, “Looking into windows is something so fantastic. It’s like cinema, and a glimpse into another world, other lives. So beautiful.” David Lynch was also an Eagle Scout, who volunteered at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration where he saw “four consecutive presidents just gliding by me.” An in-depth reading can be found here.

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