The Profoto B1 Can Now Perform TTL Metering with Canon EOS-1D X

by JamesNYCMarch 31. 2014 05:11

Profoto Announces B1 Firmware Upgrade

Today, Profoto followed through on its promise to continuously update and improve their B1 wireless, off-camera flash system,  by announcing their first B1 firmware upgrade and update to the AirTTL system,  enabling TTL metering with the Canon EOS-1D X.

Since its release in November last year, the B1 has been able to perform TTL metering with the majority of Canon cameras. But there was one exception – Canon’s flagship – the EOS-1D X. Today, this feature is made available free of charge through an easily installed firmware upgrade.

The TTL metering is made possible with Profoto’s patent-pending AirTTL system.  At launch Profoto promised to continuously update the AirTTL system and , according to Profoto, one of the most frequently requested features is TTL metering with Canon’s flagship model: the Canon EOS-1D X. The upgrade is available free of charge through an easily installed through a USB port on the the AirTTL-C  and not the B1 off-camera flash itself.

This is the first of many planned upgrades for the B1 off-camera flash and the AirTTL system. Profoto is currently working on a firmware upgrade for high-speed sync (HSS). Profoto is also busy developing the new Air Remote TTL-N that will enable TTL metering with Nikon cameras. Both the HSS upgrade and the Air Remote TTL-N are expected to be released in 2014.

How To Install Your B1 Firmware Upgrade -

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with an existing My Profoto account or create a new one. If you create a new one, you’ll have to click the activation link in the email we send you after creating your account.
  3. Once you’ve logged in to My Profoto, register your B1 and your Air Remote TTL-C. Having your product registered is also a great help if your product is lost or stolen!
  4. Once your products are registered, click “Upgrade Product”.
  5. Choose the Air Remote TTL-C and enter its serial number, which can be found in the remote’s battery compartment. This is necessary to verify that your specific remote is compatible with this particular upgrade.
  6. The download buttons will be activated as soon as a correct serial number has been provided. When they’re active, click either “Download Upgrade for MAC” or “Download Upgrade for PC”.
  7. Open the downloaded software and follow the simple instructions.

Anyone can create a My Profoto account and register whatever Profoto products they have. As mentioned before, it can be a great help if a product is lost or stolen. But the only firmware upgrade available at the moment is the one for the AirRemote TTL-C.

Profoto B1 firmware upgrades are easy to install with the AirTTL’s built-in USB port. Just download the update, connect the AirTTL to your computer and follow the instructions.

This is definitely a welcome upgrade and more news of a high-speed sync (HSS) update coming soon is music to our ears.  However, Nikon users are scratching their heads and wondering why Profoto chose to update the B1 for use with Canon’s pricey flagship camera system when Nikon users are yet to tap in to the power and portability of these “game changing” lights on any level.  The Nikon update can’t be far behind but we’re still to get a solid release date on the Air Remote TTL-N and possible firmware update to match . Soon we hope…. wedding season is coming!


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