Behind the Scenes: Annie Leibovitz’ Game of Thrones Photo Shoot for Vanity Fair

by JamesNYCMarch 12. 2014 10:28

Equipment includes: Hasselblad H2 body with a Phase One digital back, Hasselblad HC 50-110 lens, Pocket wizard remotes, Canon 5DKIII for the second shooter with a 28-105 lens, ProPhoto packs and heads, Photek Softlighter II - 46 inch Umbrella with Diffuser on a Manfrotto boom.

Interesting to note the extreme frustration in the actors faces during the course of the shoot.

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I can do that
I can do that
3/17/2014 12:42:36 PM #

Yet another very cool location shoot for VF thanks to the: Photo Assistants, Digital Techs, Producers, Locations Scouts, Stylists, Hair & Makeup, and retouchers that create the images that bare the Annie Leibovitz name.

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