BMW to Bring Back BMW Films

by JamesNYCFebruary 14. 2014 20:03

Long before Facebook & Twitter & LinkedIn & NetFlix & HULU back when life were more social, people on photo shoots used to talk to one another rather than interfacing with their mobile devices. And during that time all the way back in 2001 we used to talk about the series of short form videos being presented by BMW Films.

The first iteration of BMW Films was "The Hire:" a series of eight online films starring Clive Owen as a mysterious-driver-for-hire that were produced for the Internet from 2001-2002.

Running 8-10 minutes apiece, the mini-movies featured Mr. Owen driving BMW models such as the Z4 roadster. The flicks were directed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Ang Lee, John Woo, Guy Ritchie and the late John Frankenheimer.

BMW of North America is planning to bring back BMW Films, the pioneering online movie series produced by A-List Hollywood directors/actors that popularized branded content on Madison Avenue more than a decade ago

Mr. Owen's performance helped turn him into an international movie star. Besides the BMW cars, Mr. Owen's co-stars included Gary Oldman, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke and Madonna (who was directed by her former husband, Mr. Ritchie).

A team led by David Lubars and Bruce Bildsten at BMW's former agency, Fallon, Minneapolis, created the idea for "The Hire" and wrote the scripts with input from directors such as Mr. Ritchie. Anonymous Content produced the films. David Fincher executive-produced.

Until the new series of web videos appear we can enjoy a little history here.

BMW Films - The Hire - Beat the Devil

BMW Films - The Hire - Hostage

BMW Films - The Hire - Ambush

BMW Films - The Hire - Star

BMW Films: The Hire - Chosen

BMW Films - The Hire - Powder Keg

BMW Films - The Hire - Ticker

BMW Films - The Hire - Hostage

BMW Films - The Hire - The Follow


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