A little house cleaning to start the year off

by JamesNYCJanuary 9. 2014 02:20

As mentioned in the our last 4 newsletters and again in direct emails to all of those on the 1ProCrew.Com Photo Production database, this past weekend I went through and deleted ALL of the user profiles that appeared to be abandoned, or those whose emails bounced back to us or elected to unsubscribe from our emails. All per the terms of service that everyone agrees to upon sign-up.

This makes it easier for all of those that take the time to create their user profiles to now be seen more often and show up higher in the search order.

In the future this process will be automated and users will be expected to interact with the 1ProCrew.Com database at least once every 6 months or their accounts will be deleted automatically.

For those that feel they were removed in error please feel free to re-add yourself to the photo production database.

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