Zacuto Recoils - Shorter, lighter and perfectly balanced

by JamesNYCNovember 24. 2013 02:03

Until recently, Zacuto shoulder mounted rigs have been split into two categories.  One: inline rigs where your camera is in line with your shoulder and Two: offset kits where your camera is offset in front of your face. 

Recoil rigs are a new third category (the term coined by Steve and Jens) that places your camera directly over your shoulder in the more traditional ENG style allowing for a shorter, lighter and a more balanced rig.

You won’t believe how light your rig is–perfect for all day handheld shooting; as well as extremely quick shoulder to tripod changeover. 

Shooting on location in tight spaces when you are plastered up against the wall makes Recoil shooting essential. With the camera further back over your shoulder, monitoring, focusing and camera control are all moved further forward for comfort and accessibility. 

Zacuto has been working hard to create innovative new accessories to highlight the unique new Recoil concept.

Watch as Steve and Jens discuss the Recoil Concept:


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