Canon Announces New Firmware for Cinema EOS Family

by JamesNYCSeptember 10. 2013 02:01

Canon has unveiled some major updates to the entire Cinema EOS family, including the C100, C300, C500, EOS-1D C, and even the XF300. Of course, the headline feature is the increased maximum ISO on the C100, C300 and C500 to 80,000 (from 20,000), but that certainly is not the extent of the updates.

The C500 gains several features that are oriented for those using the camera for studio level productions, including:

• DCI-P3+ and Canon Cinema Gamut mode DCI-P3+ shares the same white point as DCI-P3, but is an extended gamut beyond the boundaries of P3 for additional color rendition. Canon Cinema Gamma is a new color space, which is the widest of any available gamut (including Rec709 and DCI-P3) in the Canon family. These extended gamuts can certainly prove useful for those intending to have a heavy color grade session or in a VFX  / chroma key environment, and is especially useful for those planning a theatrical projection.


• ACES output  The C500 can output a 2K signal that conforms to the ACES color space, ideal for those utilizing an ACES workflow. 

• Additional LUT options  In addition to the existing Rec709 and Wide DR LUTs, support for a DCI-P3 LUT will be added as well.

• Expanded high-speed options — The C500 can currently shoot up to 120fps in “half Raw”, which is captured at 4096×1080 and later interpolated to a 4096×2160 image. A new “4K1K” mode will allow you to capture 120fps Raw at a vertically cropped 4096×1080 resolution, which gives you an aspect ratio of 3.79:1

On the C300, several new features have been added which add to its strengths as a great run-and-gun doc and indie feature camera:

• Wide DR gamma — First introduced with the C100, the Wide DR gamma mode is designed to retain highlights while rendering pleasing skin tone. This gives you similar dynamic range as Canon Log without the need to for a heavy grade session, which makes it a good choice for productions with a smaller post budget.

• Push auto iris & one-shot AF — Also first seen on the C100, the push auto iris and one-shot (push) auto focus add to the ease of operation for those one-man band situations. 

• Magnify function improvements Previously, when the magnify option was engaged, the camera would punch in on the center of the frame, which meant that you might have to recompose your shot once you finish checking focus. With the new update, you’ll have 25 different zones to move between that you can use to check focus.

Canon will also add several features to the EOS-1D C, including enabling electronic communication with the new Canon Cinema Primes and adding line level audio input to bolster the existing mic level option. Additional updates for the Cinema EOS family include allowing two simultaneous users on WiFi and support for GPS Geotagging, as well as enhanced menu navigation for the C100.

You can expect these updates to be released in November for the C100 and C300, and December for the C500. For a detailed list of all of the updates, be sure to check out Canon’s official press release.


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