Chimera - Octa 30 Beauty Dish

by JamesNYCJuly 18. 2013 00:46

Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015


Chimera Lighting has introduced its second innovative beauty dish.  The Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015 is a collapsible modifier to be used with either studio strobes or camera flash units.  The 30" diameter body resembles an OctaPlus Lightbank but the support poles are on the outside of the body.  This gives a completely smooth and uniform white interior for a great quality of light.  A fabric bounce-back disc, suspended in the center, bounces the direct light of your flash unit into the soft white interior of the beauty dish reflector.
Chimera's Octa 30 Beauty Dish can also be converted into a 30-inch OctaPlus Lightbank by using the included front diffusion screen.  Either way, the result is a soft light with round catch lights suitable for head shots, beauty portraits and also great for wedding and events lighting.
Mounting the Octa 30 Beauty Dish can be accomplished in one of three ways.  You can use the standard OctaPlus Speed Ring for your brand of studio strobe.  With the Adjustable Versa Octa Speed Ring #2800OP, you can mount your camera flash.  Mount 2 camera flash units for double the output with the Dual Versi Octa Speed Ring #2820.
 The Chimera Octa 30 Beauty Dish #6015 comes complete with the fabric body, support poles, bounce-back disc and the OctaPlus front diffusion screen.  The introductory price is set at $399.




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