Hasselblad announces accessory upgrades following H5D System launch

by JamesNYCJune 1. 2013 20:27


Following the launch of its new flagship H5D System cameras Hasselblad has introduced two new angled FireWire cable accessories, a new and more powerful battery grip and a new battery charger.

Announcing the move Ove Bengtson, Hasselblad's Product Manager said: "The H5D System is the next step in the evolution of our medium format cameras and these three latest upgrades ensure our capture device accessories continue to evolve at the same pace."

"The new angled FireWire cables are shipped in two colours. The black connectors, complete with new 'click-lock' features have been developed exclusively for the H5D. The upgraded cables with grey connectors are primarily for HxD/CFV ranges."

"The new connectors are designed to completely eliminate any problems caused by loose fitting cables and possible consequential damage to the internal connection."

He added: "We have also introduced a new, more powerful battery grip which now boasts 50% extra capacity. The new battery product features a more durable surface to provide better grip. It is also a few millimetres longer than its predecessor, enabling greater stability on the tripod shoe. A new charger is also available."

The new FireWire cables will have the same recommended selling price as the older versions but the launch of the new products means the older FireWire cable (1006025) and the old battery grip (3043348) are obsolete and no longer available.

The older battery charger product (3053568) 7.2V will remain available while stocks last.


Please note that the new battery will also work on the following cameras: H2D, H3D, H3D-II, H4D and H4X, provided that the latest firmware for these models has been installed.

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