Post hurricane sandy - Camping in NYC.

by JamesNYCNovember 1. 2012 08:35

It's been 3 days since the lights went out here in the East Village - NYC. due to a lighting strike that blew up a transformer at the Con Edison facility on 14 Street here on the east side of Manhattan. This means that most of us living below 25 street both east and west side are with out power, heat, hot water, and in some cases cell phone service. Cell service appears to be working for some networks; but for me I need to walk up town to 24th and Madison before I can get an ATT cell phone signal.  This is what we call "Camping in NYC."

Word is that we MIGHT get power back sometime on Monday next week

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to find this bright that I'd never seen before lighting up the front of my building and the entire street. I went to the window to find that it was the full moon and a sky full of stars.  With out the lighting that typically pollutes the manhattan night sky I was looking at a pitch black sky full of star light and a bright moon on a scale that I have not seen since I was in the Kalahari dessert in South Africa 16 years ago.

For all of the negative impressions people have of NYC. I have to say that I feel safer walking around late at night on the pitch black streets of NYC. with nothing but a flash light; than I ever felt walking on the empty streets of Boston (when I lived there) at night even when those streets had street lights on. Truth is people in NYC. know how to live together and in most cases don't fuck with you unless you are causing them or others a problem.

I'v been lucky enough to be doing a studio management gig up on 28th street for the last 2 days which always me internet access, cell phone and laptop recharging and a hot shower and hot food.

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