Attendees thoughts on the Aug. 2012 Photo Assistant Boot Camp.

by JamesNYCSeptember 10. 2012 08:22
Every once in awhile we get feed back on our workshops. This was just sent to us about our last Photo Assistant boot Camp.

"Whether you're an aspiring photographer or assistant, If you're looking at and wondering if you should sign up....get off the couch and just do it. You will not regret it!
I've had the pleasure of working with James quite a few times on different shoots. I know nothing about assisting but James and the photographer were kind enough to take me under their wing and make sure I didn't blow up any of the equipment or myself. You'd think that after working with James on quite a few shoots, I wouldn't need to take the PABC Workshop.'re wrong.

I was lucky enough to have assisted James on a shoot that was in a building that hadn't been opened to the public for maybe 20 years or a fashion shoot on the busy streets of New York, or right in the middle of Times Square, a simple studio shoot for an ad campaign, and few others. All these shoots have one thing in common......"NOTHING"!

The equipment was always different, the lighting was different, the pace of the shoot was different, the PROCEDURE in assisting was different, even what we wore during the shoot was different.
So I signed up for the workshop and never looked back. James experience in the field is absolutely priceless.
This class is not just for assistants, it's for aspiring photographers that want to go pro.

If you're wanting to become an assistant, this workshop is definitely a must. James vast experience in the field becomes obvious as soon as he starts the workshop. He'll give you hands on experience with the equipment that you'll encounter on the set of a professional shoot. He'll also give you hands on experience with the different ways the equipment may be used all whilst listening to his different experiences and scenarios will help you troubleshoot when you find yourself in a similar situation. He'll give you hands on experience on lighting a subject the way the photographer would want it lit. He talks about etiquette on set to ensure you will be hired again by the photographer. James will be able to help you anticipate what the photographer needs before the photographer realizes it himself. This all helps get you hired again and again, which thus helps you start your business.
James will go over simple techniques that will make a huge difference on lighting. None of these techniques are obvious, again, all through his experience of what works and what doesn't, is passed down to you. Everything you learn in this workshop will help you get hired over and over again.

If you're an aspiring photographer, this workshop is invaluable. If you're starting to build a book, unless you have your own equipment and studio space, you'll need to rent. Most studio spaces rent equipment as well. This workshop will help you walk in any rental studio and use any lighting equipment the studio has to offer. This in itself helps you conceptualize your shoot. Through James' vast experience in the field, he will go through lighting with you. Show you the most efficient way to make the lighting work. What tools you will need to get the lighting you want whether it be a light modifier or a specific color temperature, he'll give you hands on experience on how to accomplish it. He will introduce you to lighting equipment you may never have thought of using. He had a notebook full with notes from past shoots that was being passed around. I couldn't stop reading it. Every page had diagrams, power settings, distances, etc etc etc with Polaroid's of the actual results, this to me was a goldmine. "

Rico - 08/10/2012

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