David Harry Stewart shoots David Haselhoff

by JamesNYCMay 25. 2012 06:11

We recently did a campaign for Cumberland Farms, featuring the one and only HOFF. So what is the deal with him? Nice guy, super professional, and funny. I don't think I ever watched Baywatch, and Nightrider is ancient history, so although I have heard stories of YouTube escapades, I really had no background in Hoff-etics. In the entertainment biz, the way to stay sane is to be able to separate out the persona from who you really are. When those two things get confused bad stuff starts happening. David seems pretty sane to me. He is able to turn on and of the Hoff persona at will. He closes his eyes for second then out comes this cartoon version of himself. Its magnificent to watch.

Hoff loves to help out. Do you want me to Tweet this, I have a lot of followers (500,000). Would you like to see the inside of my trailer, its pretty fun. Check out those whales, we used to see them all the time during Bay Watch. Fun, right?

He is one of those guys who likes to collaborate. He wants to know what we need, and he works very hard shot after shot to hit the mark. So, to everyone out there who wants some lurid slanderous story about Mr Haselhoff, there is not much to tell. I wish all the celebs I have worked with were as cool as he was. Thanks Hoff for a very pleasant day.

I am going to wait until the the main ads break then I post the final Hoff shots.

Check out the full story on Davids site; as well as more images.

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