i1Pro 2 Solutions The new standard for Color Perfectionists.

by JamesNYCApril 12. 2012 12:05

i1Pro 2 color calibration and profiling solutions provide a new level of perfection and value for the most demanding Color Perfectionists. We’ve redesigned everything to maximize your profitability, efficiency and accuracy. Color Perfectionists know that calibrated and profiled devices and systems are a critical and essential part of a successful, efficient, creative workflow. What you capture on your camera, see on your monitor (or projector), view on your proofs and prints or share online has to match or you will never be happy with the result no matter how much time you devote to perfecting it.

Color Perfectionists and Imaging Professionals the world over rely on the range of i1 color management solutions for the highest level of color calibration and profiling in the industry. With the introduction of the new i1Pro 2 device (and software,) we have raised the bar higher than its ever been to deliver the most comprehensive, versatile and accurate color measurement, calibration and profiling solutions available.

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