The new BRIESE Focus.2 How NOT to send out a product announcement.

by JamesNYCFebruary 8. 2012 08:39

Briese lighting sent out a newsletter this morning announcing their new Briese Focus.2 light.

Briese makes outstanding, very well designed, and very expensive lighting tools that are used in both still and on film/video shoots.

Unfortunately the newsletter that Briese sent out had no text and contained 2 image attachments.

This is a perfect example of how NOT to send out a newsletter or promote your business.

Here are some of the problems with sending this type of email.

1) The text of the product announcement is embedded into the images.

2) Because the text is embedded into the images there are no click-able links to:  The Briese site,   the Briese press release or news page,   the Focus.2 product web page or a download-able PDF of the new product.

3) The images that Briese attached to the email are 1372px x 1016px .JPG's which are far too big for pretty much any photo blog publisher to save and drop into their sites blog or web page with out the images taking over most of the sites real-estate.

4) As seen below simply resizing the images makes the text nearly unreadable, which means that those that may have been interested in the product will not take the time to look at it or search for any information about it.


The effectiveness of any newsletter you may send regardless of the type of business you run is directly related to the level of user interactivity you create and allow for in the news letter itself.

All text should contain click-able links to: your site, to specific items being discussed in your newsletter, or to alternate versions of your newsletter or product announcement.

Any images sent by you should be created in a manor that allows the person receiving your attachments the opportunity to use a larger or smaller image size in their sites blog (if that is your intention) or should the web publisher choose to re-size your image and make it smaller, the image you sent should not need extra cropping to remove extraneous graphic area, nor should your image on resizing end up looking like crap. Which is why If you are sending images you should take the extra few seconds to provide alternate image sizes.  "Seriously, how hard is it to create 2 or 3 extra jpg's in Photo shop? it's not like you have to go into the darkroom for an hour!"

If you want people to look at your newsletter and connect with you and your business, give them a reason too, and make it easy!





Now after slagging Briese for their poorly presented newsletter, I should also add that I personally love Briese lighting products and have, and do use them when ever the budgets allow. And I would be more than happy to present any Briese product announcements that they wish to pass along to us in a usable format; just as I have done for them in the past.


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