"...well yes, since your asking, I am in the Hurricane Irene flood zone."

by JamesNYCAugust 26. 2011 12:41

Since I abandoned TV a few weeks ago I now have to search out my weather updates and Hurricane evacuaction information on line.

So I clicked my way over to http://www.ny1.com to get my latest news and weather updates, and guess what, there's a map of the evacuation areas, and areas were flooding may happen.

See ME in the image below.

and also the images on the effected areas.

I'll stay in touch post videos as things progress.

In the hurricane Irene flood zone _ Day 2, waiting for Irene

In the hurricane Irene flood zone St.Marks Place - Saturday 8:00Pm

In the hurricane Irene flood zone _ Day 3 Irene did "Nuthin!"

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