A great Photographers project - Darshan: Photographic Series on Indian Deities

by JamesNYCAugust 16. 2011 07:15

Dear Friends,

I have embarked upon perhaps the most ambitious photography project of my life and I'm seeking support to complete it. If you click on the image below, it takes you to a quick three minute behind the scenes video that explains what I'm taking on. Darshan, my project - marries spirituality and art, pushes the boundaries of photography and helps preserve my heritage and culture. If you feel moved by it, I urge you to help me by contributing to the project in exchange for worthy rewards and by spreading the word to friends and family.

Some great press has helped me move it along so far. It's gotten shouts from Life Magazine, Wired and the project was on NPR a few days ago. I have eleven days to raise my goal and making this vision come alive means the world to me. I have deep gratitude for all the backers that have contributed so far and sincerely thank you in advance for your time and support.

Manjari Sharma




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