David Harry Stewart - Dodgeball-4-Ever

by JamesNYCJune 28. 2011 06:38

ASA 800, 1/200 sec, f4, 60mm on a 24-70 zoom

What: Adult Dodgeball,

Where: Various neighborhood rec centers around the east side of LA

Why: I take photos for the fun of it, sometimes I get paid.

How: Flash on camera, combined with a key light coming from the back or side. My assistant is on the far side of the gym going side to side following the camera moves, holding a monopod with a flash head on it. Keep it simple.

Gear: Canon 1DS III, 24-70 zoom, 550EZ flash, Pocket Wizards, Quantum Q Flash w/turbo battery. The Qflash has 1/4 CTO on it.

Soundscape: Loud. Think bar juke box: ACDC, Stones, Bowie

The first round was done journalistically, but after taking a couple of direct hits to the camera from one of the 16 balls that are in play, I learned that some kind of control would be a good idea. The later photos are more setup, although they are still playing for real.

Here is the entire series.

Huge thanks to Erik and the other folks World Dodgeball Society who were great in helping me do this series. For those so inclined, check out playing in one of their leagues. Super nice, super fun, co-ed, you get to wear silly outfits and throw grade school rubber balls at each other, then go out for beers with the whole gang. What’s not to like?


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