Thanks for the great feed back on the new site

by JamesNYCNovember 24. 2010 10:14

Always great to hear from everyone about the new sites photo production database.

As some of you have seen I'm still working out a few kinks since the migration from our test bed server to the actuall 1ProPhoto.Com servers.

I'm seeing that the confirmatiom emails are taking a few minutes to make there way to most of you; in some cases up to 4 minutes. Not sure why but I'm looking into that too. Most likly a GoDaddy thing.

After 6 weekes of extensive testing I'm very secure in knowing that the site works on all browser platforms and on all OS's...however..!

Should you encounter any issues while useing the new site please email me with a description of the problem, OS & browser your are using.

Take care




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