NEW EIZO - 27 & 30 inch monitors

by JamesNYCOctober 31. 2007 00:48

EIZO is introducing two new monitors beginning Jan 2008.

The 27” (March 2008) & the 30” (Jan 2008)  monitors will first be available as the FlexScan SX series and shortly after in the ColorEdge CG series.


Origanly these monitors were designed for high end medical applications; but they also fit the growing needs of the high end digital capture market.

Sadly there are going to ba a lot of people wishing they would have waited for these monitors to arrive instead of having invested in all of those pretty Apple Cinema displays that tend to be 20 or more points magenta even after calibration.

All of these new monitors come equipped with EIZO’s latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).The ASIC has a12-bit look-up table with a total color palette of 68 billion colors from which the most appropriate 16.7 million are selected. The ASIC also features 16-bit internal processing for smooth display of grayscale tones, which brings out details, especially in dark areas of an image., the 30” monitors have a native resolution of 2560 × 1600 (16:10 aspect ratio).

The maximum brightness is 260 cd/m², contrast ratio is 900:1, and horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178°. The wide gamut LCD panel reproduces 97% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display most colors in a photograph taken in Adobe RGB mode.

New to these series of monitors is a picture-by-picture function divides the screen into two equal halves, essentially offering two1200 × 1600 monitors with no center bezel. Input from two different computers such as a
Windows and a Macintosh can be displayed which makes it possible to work on two tasks simultaneously without having to toggle back and forth between the inputs.
What’s the difference between a SX and a CG? The every CG model goes through a 426 step calibration process at the factory, across every inch of the LCD that takes more than 6 hours.
This explains why when he first pulled our CG220’s out of the box a year ago they were calibrated perfectly. And after 20 hours a day of continues use for the last 12 months our CG220’s used for the site and for our workshops still show no signs of color shift.



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