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by JamesNYCAugust 21. 2007 00:36 - Photo Assistant Boot Camp & Certification *
If its Monday morning 08-20-2007 your reading this as I'm writing it so check back later for the real deal.

Q. "Why offer this and why would I need to take it?

A. During the past 2+ years I have received dozens of emails and phone calls from Photographers and Rental companies and rental studios asking that somebody offer training for new assistants because the current crop of assistants is seriously under skilled. And the photo schools are turning out graduates that have no skills no knowledge of lighting or traditional photography yet show up on set with an unwarranted sense of entitlement. "Sorry kids, I'm not going to sugar coat it".
I've personally worked with assistants claiming to have a BA in photography and they've never used a light meter, loaded film, or even used a 4x5 or 645 camera.
This just will not do. 
Recently I saw a post in the forums of another site in which someone working on there masters thesis in photography wanted to know how to do lighting for a series of portraits. "So if not lighting, then what are these schools teaching?"

Q. What does the certification involve?

A. That means were actually going to test you on what we've taught you. It would make no sense to rattle off a bunch of information and not have you be able to perform once on a photo shoot. Unlike other workshops that will certify you for sitting through their workshop, I want to know that you actually learned something.
"You don't pass my test you don't get certified." 

Hell it's not like this stuff is difficult. If I can teach my 10 year old daughter how to setup a white background and color correct the lights, then it should be a breeze for a photo school student.

There are few old school photographers and experienced assistants around any more to teach the basics so we have taken it upon ourselves to do so.

When I started assisting there was no one willing to tell me how to go about it, and trying to get work with photographers that were willing to train you and pay you at the same time were few and far between.
"You can't get work with out experience & You can't get experience unless you get some work!"
Now you have the option to get some experience and learn some of the skills that will help you to get on jobs quicker.

This workshop/Boot camp removes some of those variables and provides you with the opportunity to learn from those in the industry and to speak with camera and lighting company reps.

It is our hope that the rental companies and photo companies/manufactures will take the initiative and also get involved since all of you are there demographic; both present and future.


This is a Hands On workshop.

DATE: Sept 29-30 2007
(Friday Sept. 28 2007 6:00 Pm until ? - possible meet and greet with camera and strobe companies.) - This evening presentation will be free to all.
Saturday Sept. 29 2007 10:00 Am until 5:00 Pm
Sunday Sept. 30 2007 10:00 Am until 5:00 Pm

Space is limited to 20 people so reserve your spot soon.
COST:$400.00 - (That amounts to just 2 days of work. A lot less than what school cost you.)
Payments can be made via Credit or debit card on-line through PayPal.
LOCATION: Rental Studio in NYC To Be Announced.

Workshops and the travel costs associated with them are a tax deductible (photo education) business expense.
Confirm this with your accountant.

A portion of the topics to be covered are as follows.
  •     Flash Meters
  •     Color Temperature meters
  •     Color Correction – C.C. Filters – Gels
  •     Flags, Nets, & Cinefoil
  •     Soft Boxes, Mola's, Grids & Light modifiers.
  •     White Back ground – 9’ & 12’ seamless – 2/10 fall off head to toe.
  •     Strobes – Profoto, Dynalite& Broncolor
  •     Syncing strobes – Hardwire, Slaves & Remotes
  •     Film Loading  - 4x5 & 2 ¼
  •     Business practices – marketing yourself and your skills
  •     On set etiquette
  •     Marking Stands & tripods
  •     Coiling cords
  •     Light stands & grip equipment
  •     Basic location scouting
  •     Your “Kit” – what you should be carrying
  •     Distro-boxes & 3 Phase wring
  •     Set cart organization
  •     Receive a FREE copy of: How to be a photo assistant – E-book & DB
  •     Packing for travel
  •     More as I think of it.

REGISTER HERE for our:   Sept. 29-30 2007 Photo Assistant Boot Camp in NYC.


 Please note that we do not allow any audio or video recording devices at this event.
*CERTIFICATION:Our Photo Assistant boot camp Certification in no way endorses any person or guarantees their personal or on set skills or abilities. It does mean that if this person did attend or workshop and if they took notes and gave 100% attention to the information provided during the workshop there is no reason they should not be prepared and able to perform the basic to mid level tasks of a traditional photo assistant on a commercial photo shoot.

** only recommends seasoned first assistants that have over the years proven to other assistants and photographer that they have the skills needed for us to recommend them. All recommendations come from other assistants and photographers directly to us; so don't email us asking to be recommended.
Check the database and you'll see that we have recommended people from around the world.



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