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1ProPhoto.Com prides itself on bringing open and honest information on all products that we encounter during the course of our: web site productions, photographic workshops, and personal photo shoot on set experiences.

All product reviews are based upon REAL WORLD experiences.

We will not give a positive review or recommend a product simply because we were contacted by a sales rep with text and images; or sent the product for review.

If during the course of our using your product(s) we find that it meets or exceeds our expectations and standards we will of course give it a glowing review.

If however we find that it fails to live up to it's claims or we feel that the product(s) should be avoided or is over priced for its performance we will also make this information/opinion(s) known as well.

All product(s) submitted to us for review or presentation must be done so with the understanding that you are giving them to us and have NO expectation of having the product(s) returned to you.

If you wish to have your product(s) returned to you, this must be made clear in all email communications as well as a letter stating so included with the product(s) received. We also require that you include your FEDEX number in order to facilitate the return of your product(s).

All returns will be made within 1 calender year of receipt date of the product(s).


Hell Yes, We we can be Bought!

IF you wish to send us your product and and pay us A SHIT-LOAD OF MONEY we will of course make any claims about your product that you wish. BUT that post will be accompanied with the fine printed text:   "Paid Product endorsement. The comments made may not be representative of the staff or management of 1ProPhoto.Com"


It has in the last year become necessary to take steps to curtail our productions costs and part of that included product shipping returns.

It has also become clear that there is an "Expectation of positive commentary" by product manufactures/Sales Reps.

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