Frequently Asked Questions

Where is located?'s servers are co-located at a large national hosting company in the U.S. Our production offices are located in NYC.

Does this mean that is a New York web site.?

"NO!" is an internet web site and not a physical location.
This web site is for anyone anywhere in the world that is involved with the commercial photo industry.

Why are the Assistant's email address's no longer visible?

That is because other web sites and some photo companies have been data mining the site for emails to promote their products and services to you directly.

I am a photographer trying to contact assistants from your site, how do I proceed?

2.) Move your mouse to the navigation bar and over the FIND CREW MEMBERS heading.
3.) Select the desired catagory from the drop down list.
4.) The Database page will display the first 10 listings. You do have the option of using the Records per page drop down menu to view from 5 to 100 or All of the database records on one page.
5.) You can use the simple search field to search by city, state, country, or other info. Or you can use the Advanced search option to search by exact criteria.
6.) With your search results returned you can now view the results and click on the users image to view the information that each database listing offers. All listings should have a current working phone number for you to contact the site member.

How do I become recommended by

Any one that has this designation next to there name has been recommended by a respected industry professional and or by one of the founding members of this site. The assistants that are currently recommended by us have a level of knowledge and experience that is equal to or surpasses that of most commercial photographers these days. The assistant should be extremely aware and be able to handle all aspects of a photo shoot including pre & post production.

As an example; should the need ever arise, any one of the assistants recommended by the site could in an emergency situation take over shooting for a photographer and have the rest of the job continue to look like the original photographer had shot it.

"How do I know if I can be recommended?"
"You should be able to produce and shoot the job if the photographer drops dead."
This my seem a bit extreme of an example; but in reality this type of assistant is what we all need to strive for.

Photographers, please feel free to recommend an assistant to us via E-Mail.

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