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2017-01-02Taking a break.
2014-10-06Herring & Herring - Why create a print publication in a digital era?
2014-07-12 David Bailey: “How are you going to cross the road?”
2014-07-05Hell, there are no rules here
2014-05-15The Very First Color Photographs of the United States
2014-05-06Photography Against A White Background - Patent granted to Amazon "WTF"
2014-03-27Behind the scenes with fashion and beauty Photographer Tyen
2013-12-01Lighting - You can see it in their eyes
2013-07-09Sun Studio closes
2013-04-03Photo Assistant Basics - 4x5 film holder cleaning & film loading
2013-03-31Photo Assistant Basics - Hasselblad A12 film loading
2013-03-30Photo Assistant Basics - Hasselblad A16 film back loading
2013-03-29Photo Assistant basics - Hasselblad A24 film back loading
2013-03-25Photo Assistant Basics - Hasselblad H series film loading
2013-03-04Photo Assistant Basics _ Mamiya 645 120 & 220 Film loading
2013-03-03Photo Assistant Basics _ Contax 645 120 & 220 film loading
2013-03-02Photo Assistant Basics _ Pentax 6x7 120& 220 film loading
2013-02-25Photo Assistant Basics _ Mamiya 67 120 & 220 Film Loading
2013-02-24Why photographers need business insurance, and assistants main-line coffee & Red Bull
2013-02-12Photo Assisting Basics - Coiling Cords and Cables
2013-01-19Red Wing Boom being used as a Jib - follow up as requested
2013-01-04Wet Plate Collodian Editorial Fashion Shoot
2012-12-28Using a Red Wing boom as video camera jib.
2012-08-20More from Brooklyn Location scout - mac&jac Fall 2012 photo shoot: behind the scenes
2012-08-04Japanese Fashion Editorial in the East Village NYC.
2012-07-31Albert Watson Documentary
2012-07-30Video location scout for fashion shoot in Brooklyn "Dumbo" area
2012-05-31Vintage - Currently the most over used word in photography & Fashion
2012-05-14Strobe and daylight mix lighting setup 5 Beekman St. NYC.
2012-01-02"18 years ago today I moved to NYC..."
2011-09-13"..Let's just accept that the world changes.." - A JamesNYC RANT
2011-08-16A great Photographers project - Darshan: Photographic Series on Indian Deities
2011-07-31Vincent Laforet’s Premiere Pro Workflow Tutorial
2011-04-15Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker, 1947-2011
2011-02-15JamesNYC recalls working on Sports Illustrated 1996
2011-01-12The truth about working for free.
2010-11-24Thanks for the great feed back on the new site
2010-11-21The New 1ProCrew.Com Database is LIVE
2010-09-17End of a really good week.
2010-09-04New Blog, new hosting and, "A week from hell"
2010-07-10The cycle begins again and the photo history repeats itself.
2009-12-28Shower Series by Manjari Sharma
2009-09-25This weekends Digital Tech Workshop featuring Capture 1 Pro was a great success
2009-08-23Pay the Writer (photograper) - Harlan Ellison
2008-08-148X10 with out a net.
2008-08-13"I don't hire women" and other sexist comments.
2007-08-18Your Values, Your Business
2007-05-07More than 18,000 get naked for Mexican photo shoot.

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2010-08-08"Boys in the desert with guns" our interview with photographer David Harry Stewart

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2013-02-02Chelsea Hotel NYC. Behind the scenes fashion editorial - short
2013-02-02Editorial Fashion Shoot - Chelsea Hotel NYC
2012-12-08Paolo Roversi
2012-10-18Romulo Pires - Helmut Newton
2012-04-29Old Polaroids and images from shoots in studio and on location. #1
2011-07-29Albert Watson's advice for aspiring photographers
2011-06-03Henri Cartier-Bresson – Life Is Once Forever
2011-06-02Henri Cartier-Bresson L'amour tout court Part1-5
2011-05-31Tyen - Behind the scenes of the beauty of Tyen session for Vogue
2011-05-29TYEN au Palais de Tokyo
2010-02-044X5 Film loading & 4x5 holder cleaning


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