Canon C500 Slow Motion video Test - By: Magnanimous Media

by JamesNYCJune 28. 2013 03:05

Our friends Magnanimous Media in my home town of Chicago have posted to great series of videos: Canon C500 Slow Motion Test.

A few months ago we teamed up with fashion photographer Billy Rood to shoot a slow-motion test with the Canon C500. Billy was planning a beauty shoot for his magazine Fifty8, so we joined forces and pulled together this little test. Canon USA graciously loaned us one Convergent Designs Gemini 444 Recorder, we also utilized the one we have in-house. With these two devices we were able to activate the 120 fps functionally of the Canon EOS C500. The results are these beautiful videos.

Palladium from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.


Palladium was captured to two Gemini 444 recorders at 120fps in 4K Half Raw (RMF) 4096×1080 in a 59.94p timebase. The 4K Half Raw was then transcoded to 4K DPX 10-bit in Canon Raw Development software, which debayered it to 4096×2160 in a 59.94p timebase. Pomfort DPX Header Editor was used to edit the DPX file header to a 23.976p timebase. Proxies were then generated from Da Vinci Resolve for an offline edit. The footage was conformed in Da Vinci Resolve for final color and delivery.

Juvenilia from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.


View the full post and additional videos here.

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Canon EOS C100 firmware released with continuous focus tracking

by JamesNYCJune 28. 2013 01:10

Canon EOS C100 firmware


Firmware Version incorporates the following additional functions and modifications:

  1. A function has been added which allows automatic continuous focusing and iris setting on a subject in the center of the screen when using the EF-S18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM lens.
  2. The polarity of the XLR terminal has been modified to improve compatibility with external audio devices. The pin configuration has been modified to be consistent with the Instruction Manual.

For details about the new functions, please download the latest version of the C100 User Manual (PDF) .

Firmware Version is for EOS C100 cameras with Firmware Version If the camera's firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Once the camera is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version.

The new Firmware Version can be downloaded by clicking here.

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The last time I worked with Bert Stern

by JamesNYCJune 27. 2013 02:04

When I moved to NYC. in 1994 Bert Stern was on my list of the top 20 photographers I wanted to work with.
I had the privilege of working with Bert Stern a few times with my friend and Bert's long time first assistant Carl Sulit.
The last time we worked together was an Advertising Shoot for REEBOK - Classic photographing Samuel L. Jackson just days after the release of the Quentin Tarantino film: 'Jacky Brown'.

We shot in Studios #4 & #5 at at Pier 59 Studios in NYC.; just a little over kill for a simple 1 person day light shoot. But the Client and the Ad agency thought it a good idea to rent the whole 5100 SQFT so that they could bring staff and have a party and see a "Movie Star".  There were about 40 people sitting in the back of the studio with champagne flowing and catering for close to 50.

Those that knew Bert Stern know that this type of circus atmosphere did not go over well, and he kept himself well away from the fray and had his rep. act as the go between when questions arose.

Bert's setup was simple as it always was. Hasselblad camera and a couple of lenses, 120 black and white and color transparency film, and 6 film backs, and strobes on hand in case the daylight when down.
By the time Samuel L. Jackson showed up and he was changed into the clothes and shoes for the shoot, the circus in the back had gotten pretty well out of hand and were talking so loud that Samuel L. Jackson couldn't Hear Bert's direction even though they were standing only 12 feet apart. At which point Samuel L. Jackson started getting pissed off and told the people in the back of the studio to: "Shut the fuck up!" which produced a moment of glee because they had been cursed out by Samuel L. Jackson. " Go figure"
This only pissed of Samuel L. Jackson more and and a few frames later he asked Bert how many more images he needed to take.
Moments later Samuel L. Jackson said he was done thanked Bert Stern, called for his PR person and left the studio.
We managed to shoot 8 rolls of film during that short time and not long after Samuel L. Jackson had left, and after making the requisite goodbyes Bert also left; rather than hanging around with what had now evolved into the cast of a Fellini film.
I went on to work with others whom I'd moved to NYC. to work with, and my friend Carl had continued to work with Bert. Recently they had been scheduled to work together again for a Loreal shoot in June, but that shoot was changed to August due to Bert's recent illness.

Bert Stern died on Wednesday June 24 at his home in Manhattan at the age of 83.
He is survived by two daughters, Trista and Susannah; a son, Bret; a sister, Diane Schlanger; and three grandchildren.
His death was announced by Shannah Laumeister, a longtime friend, who said she and Bert had been secretly married in Las Vegas in 2009.
Which many people found rather strange when you consider the well known fact that Bert Stern hated Las Vegas.
Shannah Laumeister is also the director of the recent documentary:   “Bert Stern: The Original Madman






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Chimera is now partnering with Hensel to become a distributor.

by JamesNYCJune 17. 2013 06:50

In a some what surprising move Chimera is now partnering with Hensel to become a distributor.



BOULDER, COLORADO (June 17, 2013)
The Chimera Company, (, the U.S. manufacturer of Chimera professional lighting control lightbanks, speed rings, and modifiers, and Hensel-Visit GmbH & Co KG, (, manufacturer of professional photographic flash and lighting equipment, announced today an agreement through which the two companies will coordinate their operations in the U.S. The newly formed, Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC will act as the exclusive distributor of the Hensel product line in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, effective July 1, 2013.

The distribution relationship will leverage the strengths of two of the professional imaging industry's leading lighting companies to allow the sales, marketing and customer support divisions to provide higher levels of service. The transaction will combine Chimera and Hensel USA distribution channels and sales forces. Additionally, customer support, service operations, marketing and administration will be combined into a single operation. The agreement is an expansion of both companies' relationship with photographic dealers, photographers and customers to increase the development of their brands in the professional imaging market.

Bob Winters, president of the Chimera Company, will lead the Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC as president and chief operating officer. Mark Mather will join Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC as Director of Sales and Marketing. Eileen Healy, Vice President of Sales for Chimera Company will work with Mark to help integrate the personnel and services.

"Our goal is to provide image makers with the best equipment and accessories possible to create inspiring images," said Winters. "Joining forces to create Chimera Imaging Solutions allows us to form a larger customer service organization to accomplish our goal of providing the best level of products and support for our highly valued customers."

"The United States is one of the most important markets for professional lighting equipment. Many American photographers use Hensel products for almost every photographic application, from portrait, fashion to still life. With Chimera, the renowned experts in photo, video and motion picture lighting as our new U.S. distributor, we strengthen our market position in the United States and are able to optimize our support for dealers and users" said Guido Puttkammer, Managing Director/Hensel-Visit GmbH.

Chimera Imaging Solutions LLC will conduct business out of the existing Chimera Company offices in Boulder, Colorado.

The Chimera Company represents the Chimera products ("Perfect Lighting"), and Hensel USA represents the Hensel-Visit ("Performing Light") products manufactured by Hensel-Visit GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

About Chimera
For over 30 years, Chimera has been manufacturing lightbanks, speed rings, and lighting accessories for photographic, video, and cinematography applications. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Chimera is known for their quality, innovative products, and customer service. Chimera’s products are easy to use, lightweight, portable, and durable. Chimera is dedicated to providing the tools to help the light professional achieve creative lighting excellence that is the standard in today’s visual arts marketplace.

About Hensel
Hensel was founded in 1963 and specializes in light sources for professional photography. The company is located in Würzburg, a university city in southwestern Germany. The product portfolio includes compact flashes, flash generators, flash heads, continuous lights and a wide range of light shaping tools. Hensel was the inventor of the original “Porty” flash generator in the early 90’s and still offers a comprehensive range of battery powered professional flash equipment. With its “Speedmax” monolight, Hensel produces the fastest professional flash unit in terms of flash duration (1/66.600s). Hensel products are available worldwide and have been in the U.S. market for 30 years. They are known for their excellent performance and highest reliability. All Hensel compact flashes, generators, flash heads and continuous light sources are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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Studio 225 Chelsea in NYC. Rental Special.

by JamesNYCJune 5. 2013 03:00

Studio 225 Chelsea in NYC. Rental Special through the end of July.


Special 1:

 - Buy 2 days with all equipment included for $450/day.  Total $900
 - Savings $200 off the regular day rate of $550/day.
 - Includes 8 hours in the day rate.
 - Additional Hours are $75/hr.



Special 2:

 - Buy 3 days with all equipment included for $400/day.  Total $1200.
 - Savings $450 off the regular day rate of $550/day.
 - Includes 8 hours in the day rate.
 - Additional Hours are $75/hr.


Payment can be made in cash, check(credits available upon cashing), credit card, or paypal. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to purchase one of the two specials above. Anyone who would like access to the studio's calendar can send that request as well and I'll add your email to the calendar's access page.

Here is the Equipment included in your rental days
- Profoto 7a 2400 Kit, which Includes 3 packs + 4 heads, 1 head extension. Additional heads are $25/head/day.
- 24" iMac Digital Workstation with Capture One Pro 7.x and Phocus
- Redwing Boom
- 8 C-Stands with arms
- 5 regular Stands
- 4 black/white "V-flats"
- 2 silver "V-flats"
- 2 4'x8' white plexi
- 4 flags/scrims
- 10 Sandbags
- 1 Reel EFX Fan
- 12' White Roll Paper - 1 sweep per rental.  additional sweeps are $20/sweep.
- 12' Gray Roll Paper - 1 sweep per rental.  additional sweeps are $20/sweep.
- 10'x10' Gray Muslin Backdrop - looks like one of Annie L.'s backdrops.
- 10'x20' Gray Muslin Backdrop(has texture)
PROFOTO Modifiers included with Equipment Package:
- 1 53" Elinchrom Octobank with Profoto Mount
- 1 7' Elinchrom Octobank with Profoto Mount
- 2 Medium Softboxes
- 1 Medium Strip Softbox 
- 2 Small Softboxes
- 1 6' x 4' Chimera Softbox
- 1 33.5" Mola Euro with diffuser
- 1 Profoto 22" beauty dish with diffuser and grid
- 2 P-50(Magnum) reflectors with Grids
- 2 60" umbrellas
- 2 45" umbrellas
- 1 30" umbrellas
- 20 A-Clamps
- 6 Superclamps
Camera's available to rent additionally on site:
Canon 5D Mark III with f/2.8 24-70mm lens, 100mm f/4, and 50mm f/1.2:  $125/day
Hasselblad H3DII 31mp with 80mm, 120mm Macro, and 35mm Lenses: $350/day

For more information, contact James Weber at:


Studio 225 on Facebook:

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How to Fix a Broken Manfrotto Magic Arm

by JamesNYCMay 20. 2013 02:00

An instructional video about how to fix a broken Manfrotto Magic Arm by opening it up and repositioning the bearings inside.

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ADOBE - Our works do not belong to you.

by JamesNYCMay 19. 2013 10:43

A great response to the Adobe CS Cloud subscription model.

It doesn't belong to them from Digital Skye Media Development on Vimeo.

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Adobe Bets the house on Creative Cloud and switchs to a Subscription-Only Model

by JamesNYCMay 4. 2013 01:18

photo assistant

Adobe announced the end of their: Adobe Creative Suite at its Adobe MAX conference this morning, stating that it's moving to a subscription model and dropping the existing Creative Suite software products. Begining in June, new versions of Adobe's CS software will be available only online, and only as part of a Creative Cloud subscription. 

Let us bow our heads as we say goodbye to: After Effects CS6 and say hello to After Effects CC.
You will still be able to buy CS6 products for the time being, but you won't get the latest and greatest, such as all of the new features that were showcased at NAB last month. If you want to stay current with Adobe's line-up, you'll be spending at least $49.99/month for an individual subscription to Creative Cloud with 20 GB of cloud storage (existing users of CS3 or later will get a discounted rate of $29.99/month for the first year) or $69.99/month per seat for a "team" version that comes with 100 GB of storage plus "centralized deployment and administration capabilities" (existing users with a volume license get a rate of $39.99/month per seat between now and August 31). The $49.99 month pricing requires a one-year commitment; users who cancel pay a penalty of 50 percent of the remainder of their contract. Note that the fee gets you access to everything, not just the video apps. All subscribers have access to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and more. (Subscriptions will be available for individual pieces of software, but they're not likely to be cost-effective for pro users.)
The move is almost guaranteed to be controversial, especially among users who try to save money on software by skipping the annual upgrade process, or for those who worry about the security implications of putting high-value assets to the cloud. But for users who already stay up to date with Adobe's product releases, the effective annual fee of $840 per seat on a team will look pretty good, especially if they're looking to take advantage of some of the new Creative Cloud features announced today. Those features include access to what Adobe said is $25,000 worth of professional fonts on the desktop through TypeKit, which should appeal to anyone who's built a logo or a title sequence in Premiere Pro or After Effects. 
Many Creative Cloud features are design-oriented. Adobe announced Kuler for iPhone, an app that lets you grab interesting color palettes from your environment by pointing your iPhone's camera at something in the real world that catches your eye. Coming soon are a pair of "cloud-enabled hardware" products in development: Mighty, a Bluetooth-connected "smart stylus" for drawing, and Napoleon, a kind of "digital ruler" that, when touched against a tablet screen, helps users draw precisely by displaying shapes for them to trace. Creative Cloud also includes a free subscription to Behance Prosite, a personal portfolio site builder that cost $99 per year before Adobe purchased the company in 2012 and is now integrated with the CC suite of applications. 
The company sought to fend off as many objections as it could, noting that desktop applications will remain usable even without an Internet connection. Users will be expected to connect to the web every 30 days to validate their software licenses, but Adobe says products will work offline for 180 days. Adobe is also customizing separate versions of the subscription for business users who can't use the cloud, such as some governmental and educational institutions. A single Creative Cloud membership also lets you install your software on two different machines with cross-platform privileges, meaning you can load up your PC workstation as well as your MacBook Pro. And older versions of all the apps will remain available, beginning with CS6, just in case you need to fall back to an older version for a particular project.
Of course, under the new plan, if you stop paying for the Creative Cloud subscription, you'll no longer have any version at all to fall back on. But the files stored on your own computer are yours to keep, and Adobe is allowing users a 90-day grace period after their membership lapses to download their work, or at least get their online stash down to the 2 GB that comes with a free Creative Cloud membership.
For more information, including details on different membership plans and a detailed FAQ, visit:

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EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.1 now available

by JamesNYCApril 30. 2013 01:20

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.1

Firmware Version 1.2.1 incorporates the following functional improvements and fixes.
1. Uncompressed HDMI output is now enabled.

2. Enables the center AF point to auto-focus when the camera is used with Canon EF lens/extender combinations whose combined maximum aperture is f/8.

3. Improves the speed of the camera’s acquisition of focus when using a Canon Speedlite’s AF-assist beam.

4. Fixes a phenomenon in which the LCD monitor may freeze and display Err 70 or Err 80 when a still photo is taken during Live View or in movie shooting mode.

5. Fixes a phenomenon that may occur when the continuous shooting priority setting is enabled for multiple exposures, such that, after the sixth image is taken, there is a slight pause before the remainder of the sequence is completed.

6. Fixes a phenomenon in which the viewfinder display shows incorrect information during AEB shooting.

7. Communication with the WFT-E7 Wireless File Transmitter has been improved.

8. When images have been successfully transferred with the WFT-E7 Wireless File Transmitter through the FTP protocol, an “O” will be displayed. When images have not been successfully transferred with the WFT-E7 Wireless File Transmitter through the FTP protocol, an “X” will be displayed.

9. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera may not function properly when an Eye-Fi card is used.

10. Fixes a phenomenon in which the focal length value listed in the Exif information is not displayed correctly for images shot with the EF 24-70mm F4L IS USM lens.

11. Fixes a phenomenon in which the lens firmware cannot be updated properly.

12. Corrects errors in the Arabic language menu.

13. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera changes the AF micro-adjustment value to -8.

14. Fixes a phenomenon in which the on-screen guidance cannot be fully displayed when setting the maximum limit value for the “Setting the ISO Speed Range for Auto ISO” option.

* Items No.1 through 12 have been incorporated into firmware version 1.2.0.
* Items No.1 through 14 have been incorporated into firmware version 1.2.1.

Firmware Version 1.2.1 is for cameras with firmware version 1.2.0 or earlier. If the camera’s firmware is already version 1.2.1, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Download page: EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.1 [Mac OS X].

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Hasselblad 503CW Discontinued

by JamesNYCApril 30. 2013 01:13

In a move that again demonstrates that Hasselblad has lost it's connection to it's long time users and to the photo graphic community in general Hassleblad has made another bad decision, to discontinue their V system.  Now all we have left is a camera that has a Hasselblad label and that is manufactured by FUJINON - James Sullivan

Hasselblad has announced the discontinuance of the Hasselblad 503CW, the last V system camera in its portfolio. The decision, which comes into immediate effect, brings to an end over a half century of evolution of the company’s original camera line. Hasselblad has confirmed that the last 503CW has rolled off the production line but the company will continue to provide V System accessories while stocks last.  V System support will also still be available through "current channels."

Hasselblad Press Release End of the line for the Hasselblad V System

Hasselblad is to cease production of its 503CW model - the last V System camera in the company’s portfolio.

The decision, which comes into immediate effect, brings to an end over a half century of evolution of the company’s original camera line.

Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman and CEO said: “Everything has its place in time. The veteran 503CW combined with an extensive V System range of interchangeable lenses and accessories, was for seventeen years, the camera of choice for discerning professionals and aspirational amateur photographers
But there has been a substantial decline in demand for this camera over the past five years or so and the time has now come for us to reluctantly consign the V System to history.  In so doing we would like to thank all fans and customers for both their loyalty and their enthusiasm for our legacy Hasselblad V System.” He added: “Now of course the focus on medium format capture is on our H System – the world’s most advanced camera. The latest generation cameras represent medium format capture engineering at its most exemplary and are well-placed to secure and underpin the company’s unrivalled reputation for providing highest image quality and craftsmanship.  Additionally we are focussing on new products for advanced enthusiasts.” Hasselblad has confirmed that the last 503CW has rolled off the production line but the company will continue to provide V System accessories while stocks last.  V System support will also still be available through current channels.

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