Haitian Photographer Wins Major U.S. Copyright Victory

by JamesNYCNovember 23. 2013 11:23

Photographers have struggled financially over the last decade as millions of images have been taken and published on the Web without proper attribution or compensation. And when photographers try to pursue copyright violators, it is often difficult and expensive. On Friday, the Haitian photographer Daniel Morel won a major copyright victory after a four-year fight over images he had originally sent out via social media.

A Manhattan jury found that Agence France-Presse and its American distributor Getty Images willfully infringed upon Mr. Morel’s copyright of eight pictures he took of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and awarded him $1.22 million.

“During the earthquake, they were selling my exclusive photos for $45,” Mr. Morel said after the ruling. “This is wrong. Not only did these agencies steal the photos, but they were also giving them away.”

His photographs were originally posted on TwitPic, a website that allows users to put pictures on Twitter, by Mr. Morel hours after the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010. It was then reposted by a Twitter user named Lisandro Suero, who claimed they were his. Agence France-Presse took the photos from TwitPic and distributed them to clients. Getty Images distributed the photos in the United States.


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NIKKOR 80th Anniversary Special Movie

by JamesNYCFebruary 5. 2013 14:02

Go behind the scenes at the lens factory in this video made by Nikon on the 80th anniversary of its Nikkor brand.

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Webinar 10/5: One Step Beyond Amazing hosted by Jane Conner-Ziser

by JamesNYCSeptember 28. 2011 08:46

Free Webinar

Two sessions are available:
Wednesday, October 5th


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Leaf Capture 11.5.2 Now Available

by JamesNYCSeptember 27. 2011 06:58

Leaf Capture Version 11.5.2 is now available.

Key features:   New user interface and firmware update for Mamiya DM digital backs.



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Spot Healing Brush with Content-Aware Fill

by JamesNYCSeptember 23. 2011 14:47

Easily remove power lines and other distractions from images in seconds using the new Content-Aware option for the Spot Healing Brush. Make even the trickiest image elements, such as drooping wires, disappear as if they never existed.

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Webinar for Photogs 9/29 : Conquer Color, Quick and Fast!

by JamesNYCSeptember 23. 2011 11:25

Free Webinar

Two sessions are available:
Thursday, September 29th

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Benefits of creating and using custom printer profiles
Soft-proofing in Adobe® Photoshop®
Applying printer profiles in Photoshop®
Digital projector profiling

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Fix localized image distortions fast with Puppet Warp.

by JamesNYCSeptember 22. 2011 10:49

Quickly fix image distortions — and achieve more realistic results — with the intuitive Puppet Warp tool. Perform subtle manipulations like straightening bowed horizon lines or correcting perspective distortions in architectural images.

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by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 12:54



Behind the Line: Andrew Buckler Spring 2012 - Short Film by Patrik Andersson

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Depth of field explained with a video

by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 09:28

Very often these days I hear photographers asking rental companies for fast lenses because they want a very shallow depth of field.
At this point I usually walk to the other side of the room and do my best to not get involved.

As anyone that has been in photography knows a longer focal length is closer to what most renters are actually looking for rather than a lens that will work best in low light.

I just came across the video that should help explain what depth of field is and how it can be used.

It may take some people watching it a few times but in the end it will all make sense.

FS100 5DMkII AF100 - Depth of Field - Magnanimous Media from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

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Colorcorrection.com - Out source your color grading

by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 09:17

Colorcorrection.com - Out source your color grading

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