Flying with spare lithium batteries

by JamesNYCJanuary 7. 2008 08:46
As pointed out in this forums post by Matt

Many people are having difficulty traveling with spare rechargable batteries.

Effective January 1, 2008, the following rules apply to the spare lithium batteries you carry with you in case the battery in a device runs low:

  • Spare batteries are the batteries you carry separately from the devices they power. When batteries are installed in a device, they are not considered spare batteries.
  • You may not pack a spare lithium battery in your checked baggage
  • You may bring spare lithium batteries with you in carry-on baggage – see our spare battery tips and how-to sections to find out how to pack spare batteries safely!
  • Even though we recommend carrying your devices with you in carry-on baggage as well, if you must bring one in checked baggage, you may check it with the batteries installed.

You can read the whole story here:

 Looks like FedEx will be very busy shipping batteries in the near future.

A Phase One - Medium format camera to be released in Feb / March.

by JamesNYCJanuary 7. 2008 08:41
While speaking to an industry contact / friend this morning I found out that the new Phase One / Mamiya alliance is expected to bare fruit in the next 2 months

This new medium format camera will be based on the Mamiya 645 system.

It will present a new series of lenses, and feature faster auto focusing, and unlike other systems it will allow for the use of third party digital backs, and roll film backs. So one day you can shoot with a Phase back and then the next change to a Leaf back if you wish, or even shoot film all with the same body and lenses. This is a direct response to the Hasselblad "Integrated system" and the Leaf AFi & Sinar Hy6 (both essentially the same cameras).

This should be very interesting since neither the Leaf AFi or Sinar Hy6 are yet available to the market. It will be interesting to see where people choose to place there investments.

As soon as I can get a hold of this new camera I will post more.

Phase One & Mamiya. Yet another

by JamesNYCNovember 15. 2007 21:32
Phase one announced their new "Strategic alliance" with Mamiya yesterday.

"Phase One and Mamiya together are committed to equipping photographers with what they need to surpass even their most passionate visions and enjoy the process," said Henrik Håkonsson, CEO of Phase One. "Phase One is committed to open modular systems thus supporting photographers’ full freedom of choice." This answers the question as to which camera company with be accepting Phase One backs now that Hasselblad has chosen to build their "Integrated" and many say Closed system with the release of the H3D system.
This too is the second "Strategic alliance" by Phase One in the last 14 days.. Previously it was their Microsoft alliance as of 11/1/2007.
These two moves further strengthen Phase Ones already dominant 60% Digital Capture market share by offering greater medium format camera options primarily pro-summers but also to professionals; and in providing a lower cost medium format camera system that will work with the Phase One P+ series digital backs.
This certainly will continue to make it more cost effective for young photographers, photo assistants, photo students and pro-summers to gain access to the tools used for high-end digital capture with out needing to sell a kidney or take out a second mortgage. While Phase One digital backs have always been an option with Mamiya cameras; either via a dedicated digital back for the 645 AFD or by using an adapter plate such as the ones used for the Mamiya RZ Pro II and Pro IID cameras there are now clear indications that a new Mamiya/Phase cameras is in the works. ".... 'They' have been working on something for some time..".
Also a series of digital lenses is said to be in development. "...there is clearly an opening for 'Other' German lens manufactures to provide high quality lens options for the current or up coming Mamiya systems." ".. the possibility for there to be a series of high-end lenses in the some what near future is extremely good,.. actually it is extremely likely..."
Mamiya has been a dominant player in professional commercial photography for years and is ubiquitous on many fashion , catalog, and advertising shoots around the country.
The Mamiya 645 was the workhorse of choice before the Contax 645 came on the scene about 12 years ago. and now that Contax is gone and Hasselblad has focused on it's integrated system; Mamiya is still there waiting to be picked up and used again just like that old 68' Nova that sits parked in the street, and seems to be the only car that will start first thing in the morning in the dead of winter.
So where is Capture 1 Pro V.3.7.8 ?
"Yeah, it'll be out next week" , "Yeah, it'll be out next week" , "Yeah, it'll be out next week" , "Yeah, it'll be out next week" ... (Phase One internal response.)
Ok. you'll be able to stop holding your breath MAYBE, sometime during the first week of December.
Expect a few changes, mostly in terms of improved stability.
DO NOT expect support for OS X Leopard, "...if there is any improved support it will be 'Iffy at best'..." This a a direct quote from one of my Phase One sources

Fuji GX645AF - The H1 as a history lesson.

by JamesNYCOctober 18. 2007 09:36
This camera was first introduced back in 2002. and has been for sale in Japan almost as long. Strangely there is renewed talk of it on the internet.

As most of you know the Hasselblad H1 & H2 cameras were in fact cameras manufactured by FUJI/FUJINON with the Hasselblad name licensed for use by FUJINON and using FUJINON lenses. So now that Hasselblad has opted to compete in the digital capture market with strictly an "Integrated system" what do you do with a manufacturing process that is already setup and still has the possibility of making you money? 

Why you keep making cameras and making money of course.

This new Fuji GX645 is actually the same body and lens configuration as the Hasselblad H1 system. However my sources can not assure me that these cameras have the current H1 firmware revisions’, or if a new firmware has been implemented. This new Fuji camera should be able to accept all of the digital backs previously available to the H1 series cameras, and should have the exact same functionality.

It should be noted that even though this camera has been talked about on other web sites and forums, its is through a marketing agreement between Fuji Japan and Hasselblad Sweden only going to be available for sale in Japan. Should you find this camera being sold in the U.S you can be sure that it is grey market. Additionaly this camera will only be available in limited quantities.

Your Values, Your Business

by JamesNYCAugust 18. 2007 09:03

Building a business based on your values is one of the most important responsibilities that you have as a freelance photographer. It is also a tremendous opportunity.

Being awake to ideals that you hold as “true” creates a state of consciousness that will positively affect every aspect of your business.

As you develop a body of work from a state of true awareness of your talent and market needs you will be able to create online and print portfolios that clearly represent your visual value to buyers.

Your principles will also serve you well as you create your service goals. Making conscious choices about how you will meet deadlines, entertain clients and follow up jobs will guarantee your clients a positive experience.

Business and licensing practices developed around your standards can be clearly and kindly communicated to clients as needed.

While most photographers do have values that define their company, few take the time to pro actively examine, define and build their businesses around them. Have you built your business with your principles in mind? Do they guide your daily decisions? Are your business goals in synch with your family and personal values?

Ted Rice has been a successful photographer for many years. He is the person that comes to mind when I think of a photographer who is invested in building a business and a life from a position of being aware. He has recently made a life change that has temporarily taken him out of the mainstream photo world. He has made this decision in order to” live” the values that he has set for himself.


Digital Back Shoot Out - By: Running Pixels

by JamesNYCJuly 22. 2007 09:55
Running Pixels did a heavy shoot test with the new Digital Backs. This test was about speed and stress, not processing. Here's a link to the Results PDF. Lots of info so probably better to print it out and read versus scrolling and zooming on your screen.

Digital Back Shoot Out Results

Erik Hillard

Los Angeles, CA.

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