Photo Assistant Basics - 4x5 film holder cleaning & film loading

by JamesNYCApril 3. 2013 04:39

This is the last in our film loading video series: Photo Assistant Basics - 4x5 film holder cleaning & film loading.

I'm aware that their will be those that will take issue with my method of cleaning the film holders, but to each their own.this process is the way I was taught by several old school photographers and in more than 20 years I/We have never had dirt dust or scratches on any 4x5 film.

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by JamesNYCAugust 23. 2012 10:16


First test photos premiere at The Impossible Project Space NYC from August 23 – September 24, 2012

New Impossible 8x10 film goes on sale August 30

Enschede, The Netherlands, 22 August 2012. – Based on previous achievements in analog instant film development, Impossible successfully engineered a new instant film material for 8x10 cameras. “Back in 2009 we preserved the last intact 8x10 Polaroid production machine and transferred it from Waltham in the USA to our factory in the Netherlands. At that time it was uncertain whether it would ever be possible to manufacture a new 8x10 film. Today we are proud to announce the revival of this legendary format with the new PQ 8x10 film”, says Florian Kaps, the founder of Impossible.

Polaroid introduced the 8x10 film in 1973 making high-resolution large format instant photography possible for the first time. The unique size and characteristics of the 8x10 film soon captured the attention of photographers as an artistic medium. During the 1980s it was frequently used for landscape, fine art or advertising-photography, scientific applications as well as high quality proofs. Just like all other types of Polaroid film it was discontinued in the 21st century.

From August 23 – September 24 the Impossible Project Space NYC presents the very first photos taken on test film of the upcoming PQ 8x10 Silver Shade film. This landmark exhibition features work by acclaimed and up and coming photographers Chloe Aftel, Penny Felts-Nannini, Adam Goldberg, Thom Jackson, Tim Mantoani, Alan Marcheselli, Melodie McDaniel, Stefan Milev, Nicholas Misciagna, Rommel Pecson, Bill Phelps and Neal Winter.

The new PQ 8x10 film will go on sale August 30 on, in Impossible Project Spaces NYC, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo and at selected worldwide partner stores and dealers. One pack contains 10 photos and costs EUR 169 I 189 USD. PQ 8x10 film is compatible with all 8x10 cameras equipped with a Polaroid film holder, as well as the original Polaroid 8x10 processor.



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A great Photographers project - Darshan: Photographic Series on Indian Deities

by JamesNYCAugust 16. 2011 07:15

Dear Friends,

I have embarked upon perhaps the most ambitious photography project of my life and I'm seeking support to complete it. If you click on the image below, it takes you to a quick three minute behind the scenes video that explains what I'm taking on. Darshan, my project - marries spirituality and art, pushes the boundaries of photography and helps preserve my heritage and culture. If you feel moved by it, I urge you to help me by contributing to the project in exchange for worthy rewards and by spreading the word to friends and family.

Some great press has helped me move it along so far. It's gotten shouts from Life Magazine, Wired and the project was on NPR a few days ago. I have eleven days to raise my goal and making this vision come alive means the world to me. I have deep gratitude for all the backers that have contributed so far and sincerely thank you in advance for your time and support.

Manjari Sharma


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