New Blog, new hosting and, "A week from hell"

by JamesNYCSeptember 4. 2010 15:02

After this past week which was over run with web hosting server issues and really badly written BLOG scripts,
I am thoroughly convinced that there is a very special place in HELL awaiting those that write bad code and offer no support and continue to produce crap as a finished product.

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Phase One - Vertical grip for the Phase One 645DF camera

by JamesNYCAugust 24. 2010 23:52
The Phase One V-Grip Air is designed for perfect integration with the Phase One 645DF camera. The V-Grip Air extends the familiar Phase One 645DF ergonomics, dramatically improving portrait shooting and handling. Advanced features include wireless flash trigger for 1/1600sec sync and USB connection port for easy firmware updates of the camera body.
See mor on the Phase One web site.

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by JamesNYCAugust 15. 2010 19:44
KickStarter is a site dedicated to funding artists and their projects and here a a very worth while project that we believe you should take a look at.

Brandon Schulman has been taking pictures since his childhood, making prints in his fathers B&W darkroom before he could even read. Upon Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara with honors he moved to NYC to start his commercial career. Brandon has traveled to 13 countries over the past 9 years; constantly drawn to new environments and cultures. Roughly three years ago Brandon realized that he was forgetting about something very important, his own country! Since then, he has set out at least every year for a two week project photographing a few states at a time. Brandon predominately shoots with his Linhof Master Technika (4x5 camera) and prints every print by hand in his own Color Darkroom in Brooklyn, New York.

This is my third big trip (second Kickstarter project) for my ongoing series titled: “A Portrait of America Left Behind”.
You are directly contributing to this body of work! Any image that you find in this gallery for the link below taken in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada are because of people like you!

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Swiss Picture Bank - "The only Photo Storage Guaranteed For Life"

by JamesNYCDecember 31. 2009 01:59

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Digital Rail Road closes

by JamesNYCOctober 29. 2008 03:53
As we reported over the weekend, Digital Rail Road was probably not going to make it to the end of the year.
So it comes as no surprise that they shuttered operations today.

In response Photo Shelter has an offer for DRR customers.

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Fashion Photographer Alban Christ passed away 03/06/2007

by JamesNYCMarch 7. 2007 01:51
To everybody who knew and loved my husband , Alban Christ,
I have very difficult and sad news to tell you, he passed away on
Tuesday night, march 6th,
after a short but very difficult fight with lung cancer.

There will be a memorial service on march 18th 2007 in New York
Andrett Funeral Home
353 Second Avenue
New York,New York, 10010
T 212 475 2024

Memorial 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Service 4:00 to 5:00 pm

His wife, Pascale Grisé
if you need any information or anything else,you can contact me at and please do not reply to Alban's address
also, please forward this message to everybody you know , in case i am
forgetting anyone,or missing any addresses or information
thank you

A tous ceux qui ont connu et aime mon mari, Alban Christ,
J'ai une triste et difficile nouvelle a vous annoncer, il est decede
mardi soir, le 6 mars,
apres un court mais tres difficile combat d'un cancer des poumons

Il y aura une cérémonie commemorative le 18 Mars a New York
Andrett Funeral Home
353 Second Avenue
New York, New York, 10010
T 212 475 2024

Ray Chin

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