Phase One is offering 20% discounts on Capture One Pro 7.

by JamesNYCJuly 17. 2013 05:12

For a limited time until July 28th, Phase One is offering 20% discounts on Capture One Pro 7. This promotion can also be used with license upgrades and multi-user license codes.


LightZone Image-Editing Software Re-Released as Free and Open Source

by JamesNYCJuly 10. 2013 05:20

Remember LightZone software? For those who do not, LightZone was a photo-editing program that offered a number of groundbreaking features including full 16-bit, selective and  nondestructive RAW editing in a fairly user-friendly GUI. Released in 2005, it won awards from MacWorld, MacUser and American Photo magazine. LightZone was marketed and sold by Lightcrafts until September 2011, when that company closed for business. Beginning in October 2011, the LightZone software was kept alive and being supported, first by an informal e-mail tree and then, since November 2011, by the LightZombie Project users’ group,


Sun Studio closes

by JamesNYCJuly 9. 2013 00:13

The venerable Sun Studios ( 628 Broadway, & Houston NYC.) is closing after more than two decades. *(information provided by their last interim studio manager)

Sun Studios has been the starting point for so many of us that have gone on to provide services in the commercial photo industry.

They have gone on to positions of: Studio & equipment managers at a number of other major rental studios here in NYC. such as: Milk Studio, Industria, Pier 59 Studio, Tribeca Studio, Root DriveIn, Trec Rental, Headlight rental, to name a few; and others have gone on to work as producers, studio and equipment rental company owners and photographers.


DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein - Featuring Rooney Mara

by JamesNYCJuly 8. 2013 04:07

Introducing DOWNTOWN, a new fragrance by Calvin Klein.
In this minute-long Calvin Klein spot starring Rooney Mara, directed by David Fincher, Music: "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and shot in loving black and white on the Red Epic Monochrome by DP David Devlin.


It’s About You: John Mellencamp A film by Kurt Marcus

by JamesNYCJuly 6. 2013 04:01

As a continuation of our post of inspiration; I can upon this video by Photographer Kurt Marcus

John Mellencamp Trailer from Rounder Records on Vimeo.

Director: Kurt Markus, Ian Markus
Producers: Kurt Markus, Maria Markus
Category: Music; Popular Culture
Total Running Time: 79 min.
Release Date: 2010


Phase One Independence Day 4th of July SPECIAL - 48 hour 20% discount on Capture One Pro 7

by JamesNYCJuly 3. 2013 05:07

Sadly Phase One did not send this mass email until around 4:00AM EST on July 4 2013. Perhaps knowing full well that the vast majority of those that would take advantage of this offer would not be checking their emails until later in the week, long after the discount period would have expired.

This promo would have made more sense had they actually sent the email notice 3-4 days in advance of the promotional offer. This is fairly typical of how this get done in the world of photography.

Independence from The Cloud

...With the Professional Choice in Imaging Software

Professional photography is all about standing out from your peers, and the ultimate image quality you get with
Capture One Pro 7 will help you to do just that. In celebration of the US Independence Day on the 4th of July, we are offering a 48 hour long 20% discount on Capture One Pro 7.


DripBook Announces merger with WorkBook

by JamesNYCJuly 2. 2013 01:01

In a rather surprising turn of events Drip Book Announces merger with Work Book.

If you've been paying attention to the part of our industry that deals with source books and online photo portfolios over the last 10 years you'll note that Workbook was at one time one of the top 3 resources connecting photographers to art directors and art buyers. Then not long after we all started moving towards digital Workbook chose to lag behind the rest of the industry and in doing so New media companies such as DRIP BOOK came online offering a clean easy to use interface and a pricing model that Workbook and others could not compete with. Drip Book for the last 6 years or so has really been one of the premiere online resources for those in the photo industry to promote and host their online portfolios.

I can only assume that Drip Book was offered a huge amount of cash as an incentive to merge with Workbook. According to staff members workbook received a huge financial boot during the last year thanks in large part to Venture Capitol investors.

Workbook it appears is currently focusing on competing with Agency Access for their market share based on this and other ventures.

Posted on 2nd July 2013 by Alex Wright

Our ambition at Drip book has always been to put your creative portfolios in front of all the right people. So we’re thrilled to announce that Drip book is now part of Workbook, a creative heavyweight that will connect your portfolios to an exciting new audience.

The New 1ProCrew.Com Database is LIVE

by JamesNYCNovember 21. 2010 13:04
The new photo industry database system is now LIVE.

Register as a new member or update your old information by creating a new member listing on the NEW and improved www.1ProCrew.Com photo industry database and be part of the longest running FREE photo community.

Our new site features:

- "Who can signup for the new database?"  Everyone!
Photographers, Photo Assistants, Digital Techs. Lighting Techs, Rental Studios, Equipment rental, Stylists, Makeup artists Hair stylists; if you work in the commercial photo industry there is s listing for you. (If you dont see on email us and we will create it).

 - www.1ProCrew.Com  - default page will randomly feature site members listings every time the page reloads.
        This way everyone gets an opportunity to be on the front page.

 - Completely redesigned site user interface.

 - Expanded member listings now include member listings for all job positions and company types in the commercial photo industry.

 - New improved sign up page with expanded category listings, and email confirmation sent to new users to help prevent spammers

 - Improved Resume and user Profile image upload and display.

 - New user profile system that allows you to display as much or as little information about yourself or your business.

 - All user email addresses are completely hidden to prevent spammers or system misuse or abuse.
 - NEW Phone number privacy feature. allows users to control who and how others can view their phone numbers.
 - NEW social networking links allows visitors to connect to follow you on your social networking sites.

 - ALL Photo Production crew, Photo retailers, and Photo Rental companies can now upload their own promotional materials in PDF format, and also have their own online image portfolio.

 - FREE Professional online Photo Portfolio that allows you to display up to 200 images in 10 unique categories that you create.

 - Display up to 20 YouTube or Vimeo hosted HD videos in your profile listing FREE.

 - My Crew network - add those great people you have worked with and work well with to your Crew Network.
    You also have the option to accept or deny any of those network connections.

 - My recommendations - Now all of those great photo industry people that you have worked with have the opportunity
    to voice why you are so great and provide you with their "completely unbiased" recommendation.
    You then have the option to accept or deny any of those recommendations.

 - NEW and still FREE Community forums.

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Thanksgiving extended one day weekend

by CSI RentalsNovember 1. 2010 08:23

Thanksgiving Extended One Day Weekend Special Wednesday November 24th 3pm - Monday November 29th 10am = Only 1 Day Rate



by JamesNYCOctober 27. 2010 10:25

Allendale, NJ (October 27, 2010) - Leica Camera Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with the Center for Digital Imaging Inc. (CDI), an international digital imaging consulting firm. This collaboration will offer training programs for the Leica S-System beginning November 1, 2010. A service beyond typical Pro Dealer resources, CDI will work with S-System users one-on-one to help them create new or redefine current imaging workflow strategies.


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