Leaf Capture 11.5.2 Now Available

by JamesNYCSeptember 27. 2011 06:58

Leaf Capture Version 11.5.2 is now available.

Key features:   New user interface and firmware update for Mamiya DM digital backs.



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Spot Healing Brush with Content-Aware Fill

by JamesNYCSeptember 23. 2011 14:47

Easily remove power lines and other distractions from images in seconds using the new Content-Aware option for the Spot Healing Brush. Make even the trickiest image elements, such as drooping wires, disappear as if they never existed.

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Webinar for Photogs 9/29 : Conquer Color, Quick and Fast!

by JamesNYCSeptember 23. 2011 11:25

Free Webinar

Two sessions are available:
Thursday, September 29th

Session One - 11 AM Eastern Time
(10 AM Central, 9 AM Mountain, 8 AM Pacific)
Learn More and Register Here

Session Two - 1 PM Eastern Time
(12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific)
Learn More and Register Here

You are invited to a FREE Webinar to see for yourself how to easily have your printed images match your display – every time! For more detailed information please click on one of the registration links listed above.

Topics Covered
Monitor to print matching (calibration and profiling)
Obtaining consistent color in camera
One click accurate color edits
Benefits of creating and using custom printer profiles
Soft-proofing in Adobe® Photoshop®
Applying printer profiles in Photoshop®
Digital projector profiling

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Fix localized image distortions fast with Puppet Warp.

by JamesNYCSeptember 22. 2011 10:49

Quickly fix image distortions — and achieve more realistic results — with the intuitive Puppet Warp tool. Perform subtle manipulations like straightening bowed horizon lines or correcting perspective distortions in architectural images.

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by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 12:54



Behind the Line: Andrew Buckler Spring 2012 - Short Film by Patrik Andersson

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Depth of field explained with a video

by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 09:28

Very often these days I hear photographers asking rental companies for fast lenses because they want a very shallow depth of field.
At this point I usually walk to the other side of the room and do my best to not get involved.

As anyone that has been in photography knows a longer focal length is closer to what most renters are actually looking for rather than a lens that will work best in low light.

I just came across the video that should help explain what depth of field is and how it can be used.

It may take some people watching it a few times but in the end it will all make sense.

FS100 5DMkII AF100 - Depth of Field - Magnanimous Media from Magnanimous Media on Vimeo.

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Colorcorrection.com - Out source your color grading

by JamesNYCSeptember 20. 2011 09:17

Colorcorrection.com - Out source your color grading

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Stop Guessing - Start Knowing! Accurate Monitor Color with X-Rite

by JamesNYCSeptember 13. 2011 17:41


Two New X-Rite Solutions
ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro!

Two sessions are available:
Tuesday, September 20th

Session One - 11 AM Eastern Time
(10 AM Central, 9 AM Mountain, 8 AM Pacific)
Learn More and Register Here

Session Two - 1 PM Eastern Time
(12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific)
Learn More and Register Here

Knowing that your monitor is accurately showing you the true color and tonal range of your images is the first and most important step to getting great prints. If you aren't calibrating and profiling your monitor, you're guessing whenever you make any edits to your images. If you have been having trouble getting prints that match the image on your monitor, joining us for this free webinar will be time well spent!

Who Should Attend?
– Photo Editors
- Photographers
- Designers & Printers
- Anyone who edits digital images

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"..Let's just accept that the world changes.." - A JamesNYC RANT

by JamesNYCSeptember 13. 2011 12:12

Sorry I can't hold beck on this one.

I saw the following text, which was a portion of something posted to a LinkedIn group.

"..Let's just accept that the world changes.."

My Reply:

I'm sorry but I for one, am not one of the sheep that just follows the: "Assumed trends"

Photographers need to grow a pair and start acting like business professionals; and not a bunch of whinny little boys wondering why they didn't get picked for basketball.

When I began back in the early 90's I watched as photographers gave up control and allowed the models and model agencies to dictate there businesses.
When I asked why the the photographer replied: "Well that's just the way it is"

Later we saw the arrival of the: "Photographer as Rock-star personality"  wholly lacking any technical or lighting  skills or any photographic abilities and relying entirely on their: photo assistants, production people and reps.
When I asked why the the photographer replied: "Well that's just the way it is. They have money, they have connections, they can buy what and whom ever they need in order to take a photo."

"Now a days you don't need a Rep as much as you need a PR person."

Gradually the market became saturated because everyone wanted to be a Rock-star Photographer.

In order to survive photographers and their reps began low balling day rates until a photographer previously making $10,000 a day for 8-12 great shots was now getting $1500 a day for 35-40 crappy ones

because the new young art directors did not know any better, and the photographers were too afraid to educate them.

The art directors not producing great work were let go by the agencies, and the photographers then had to spend more time marketing to new clients rather than being able to cultivate existing relationships.

Next came Digital.

And I heard: "OH this technology is so slow to evolve that film will be around for at least another decade."

4 years later 85% of the commercial photographers were shooting Digital and learning the new technology as fast as they could.

Which was follow by: " Oh this technology is so expensive and involved that it will really weed out the bad photographers."

Well as we have seen any idiot can now buy a camera that will take a properly exposed and in focus image,

and they now call themselves "Professional Photographers" because they sold an image for $50 that someone found posted on Flicker.

The photo industry is now over saturated with 'Working photographers' and there are very few "Professional photographers" left any more.

Proof of that is the quality of images we are and have been seeing all over the Internet, on TV and in magazines, at least those magazines still in existence.

What photographers of all levels need to come to realize is that:
"You are content creators and sales people. You are not artists"

YOU hold the key to the continued,.. No the very existence of commercial photography as some of us have known it for the past 40+ years.

YOU control the RATES.

YOU control the USAGE.

YOU control the QUALITY.

Web sites, Blogs, Magazines ONLY exist if they can display content.
IF that content is consistently of poor quality the magazine loses readers, losses advertising and dies.
DO we need to post examples here?

Despite what many company's think, most people know the difference between 'shi t and Shine-O-La' and also when the 'emperor has no clothes'.

FEAR alone is what drives this industry these days.
Fear of not getting the next job, paying the mortgage, the private school, and on and on.
But photographers only have themselves to blame.

Over the years I continually hear photographers saying:
"Oh the client doesn't have the money"

Well you know what?
The clients do have the money to spend, and I've seen it.
"They are just not willing to spend it on you!"

Photographers that are worth top dollar, get top dollar because the clients are well aware of what great imagery costs to produce.
The benefit to the companies is that their sales increase.
The return benefit to the photographer is that he gets hired again because no one in there right mind moves away from using a photographer or content producer that helps to generate or improve sales.

This all applies to every type of photographer: Weddings, events, portraits, advertising, commercial, fashion, editorial, it's just simple business sense.

Photographers, you want to make more money?
Than stopping selling yourselves short, stop low balling, stop giving away your usage rights & copyright,

step away from the computers and Photo shop and the dozens of plug-ins we see people playing with,

stop wasting time posting to linked in groups or others and get out and make images and become better photographers and sales people.

Because the real Pros don't post to Face book or Twitter or Linked-In; THEY ARE too busy making money.

This has been a JamesNYC rant
Copyright 2011 James Sullivan

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by JamesNYCSeptember 9. 2011 12:49

Allendale, NJ (September 09, 2011)Leica Camera, Inc., the legendary German camera manufacturer, has been selected by Milk Studios, the premiere photo studios for advertising and editorial fashion shoots, to be the official camera company for MADE Spring 2012 Fashion Week. Throughout the week, MADE will host 35 fashion shows and presentations at Milk Studios with Leica cameras capturing official runway photography. These images, along with commissions, will be featured in original and exclusive editorial content on MilkMade.com, Milk’s editorial platform and Fashion Week hub as well as Leica and Milk’s social media channels.


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