K5600 Multi Bug Adapter

by JamesNYCFebruary 15. 2011 10:23
K5600 shows us the Mutli Bug adapter.

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K5600 Focal Spot

by JamesNYCFebruary 15. 2011 10:13
K5600 show us the Focal Spot adapter for the Joker Bugs series of lights

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K5600 Cross Over adapter

by JamesNYCFebruary 15. 2011 09:53
K5600 shows us their Cross over adapter which allows Profoto light modifiers to be used on the K5600 Jooker bug lights.

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Annie Leibovitz Shooting Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton

by JamesNYCFebruary 8. 2011 21:32
I just thought this might be fun to post.
Mathies who assisted with me years ago with another...... Notebale photographer...
has been Annies 1st for sometime now.
And just as when he and I worked together on a shoot of the contestants of 'The apprentice' Mathies makes it a point yet again to stealthfully avoid being seen on camera.
But if you look real hard you can see half of his face and the back of his head.

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Lay Flat - A new way of seeing

by JamesNYCFebruary 7. 2011 11:24

We rarely promote other ventures but this new publication is worth mentioning.
Lay Flat http://www.layflat.org 

Lay Flat is an independent imprint that specializes in small-run and limited edition photography books!

'We work collaboratively with both emerging and established artists to create books that express a vision and exist as artful objects in themselves. In addition to artist books, we publish an annual magazine of contemporary photography and writing. Assembled by Lavalette along with an invited guest editor, each issue of the publication considers a new theme and format.'

Check out on the latest from Lay Flat on Face book  http://www.facebook.com/layflat


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“Fuck the mid-tones” - HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL

by JamesNYCFebruary 7. 2011 09:59

For 40 years, Gerhard Steidl has combined the roles of printer and publisher, resolved to personally check each sheet leaving his printing shop in Göttingen. This perfectionism, combined with an unconditional love for books, for the traditional printing craft, and a commitment to the quality standards of manufacturing (in the original sense of the word, made by hand), has gained worldwide attention. The most internationally renowned photographic artists vie for the opportunity to collaborate with Gerhard Steidl, to conceive and produce the perfect publication with him.

Filmed in the direct cinema style, HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL observes the publisher, as he collaborates with the world famous photographers Joel Sternfeld, Robert Frank, Ed Ruscha, Jeff Wall and Robert Adams, at their studios and other places of work, in New York, London and Paris, in the Katar desert, and, last but not least, in Göttingen. Here, in “Steidlville”, their works are printed on Steidl‘s own machines, in three shifts. In goes the idea, out comes the finished book. 

Gerhard Steidl’s independent empire is founded on several  sources of income – a significant portion of his publishing efforts being dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel (printing everything for the designers, from admission tickets to catalogues). Other staples are the German metal workers’ collective labor agreement and, for many years, each new book by Nobel laureate Günter Grass. This is where he earns the money that he, to use his words, “throws out the window” on ambitious photographic art projects.

HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL presents a man in constant movement, a  German entrepreneur who has made the whole world his home. His experience and artistic empathy, his untiring dedication and diligence have made him the most important publisher of photographic books of the last decade.

Found here: http://www.howtomakeabookwithsteidl.de/file/Home.html

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Dennis Hopper Polaroid Disappears From Gallery

by JamesNYCFebruary 6. 2011 13:17

A six-person artist collective in Highland Park called THIS Los Angeles is asking for the public's help in tracking down a piece of art that was reportedly stolen last night from the opening of a new exhibit called These Friends.


According to the THIS Los Angeles website, as the opening night crowds were leaving and cleanup was underway an unidentified person grabbed a piece of art from the wall -- a personal piece not for sale -- and ran out the front door of the gallery space.

The now-missing artwork is artist Jason Lee's one of a kind 8×10 Polaroid of the late Dennis Hopper. Lee has put up a $25,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings back the sentimental piece. Notes the THIS Los Angeles website, "The thief can come forward anonymously and charges won’t be pressed against him." The collective is asking anyone with information to call us 323-747-5301 or email this@thislosangeles.com.

read more here: http://laist.com/2011/02/05/missing_dennis_hopper_polaroid_disa.php


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Phase One releases Capture One 6.1

by JamesNYCJanuary 27. 2011 07:07

New features in Capture One 6.1

The new Capture One 6.1 release, which includes camera support of the powerfull new Phase One IQ series of digital backs, has been released.

Capture One 6.1 includes the following new features:
- Local contrast and brightness adjustments
- Pen pressure and eraser support
- Getty Images metadate and import

Capture One 6.1 offers support for the following new cameras and hardware:
- Phase One IQ189, IQ160 and IQ140
- Leaf Aptus II 12 tethered
- Canon G12
- Nikon D3100 and P7000
- Panasonic DMC-GF2*, DMC-GH2*, DMC-G2*, DMC-G2, DMC-G10, DMC-FZ100 and DMC-FZ45 (*preliminary)
- Pentax K-5 and K-r

 Download Capture One 6.1 here >>


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Leica Camera | full-time position - Product Specialist S-System Position

by JamesNYCJanuary 26. 2011 21:41

Product Specialist S-System Position


Leica Camera, manufacturer of premium 35mm cameras, lenses, and digital cameras is seeking to identify candidates for Product Specialist S-System position. 


The company creates instruments that provide photographers with the tools they need, as well as inspire their artistic spirit within.  We are dedicated to developing cameras and optical photographic instruments of the highest standards.  The company has a tradition of precision manufacturing and technological innovations which have steadily positioned the brand at the forefront of the photographic industry and has enabled it to establish an unsurpassed standard of excellence.


Candidate must be based in Los Angeles or San Francisco.


This is a full-time position with full benefits. Start date: ASAP. 



Primary responsibilities include:

  • Product and sales training of professionals & assistants, dealers and field sales personnel
  • Sales support on the professional Pro Format products
  • Creation of Business Plan with Top Dealers (in cooperation with Sales Force)
  • Acquisition of new business with Professional photographers, rental houses and advanced amateur photographers
  • Technical support hotline
  • Trade show evaluation, coordination, setup, takedown, consumer/dealer interaction
  • Creation & execution of S2 Road shows
  • Company representation at corporate, dealer, and industry events
  • Maintaining & building of a solid relationship with professionals & industry partners and sales force
  • Writing and design of collateral marketing materials in the above areas of responsibilities
  • Creation of dealer and professional photography programs
  • Answer consumer email and other consumer inquiries
  • Rigorous travel schedule, including weekends for store demos, photo shoots, and product demos.  Applicant must have a passport

Required qualifications:

  • Trustworthy and able to work independently.  Able to generate sales leads and find market leaders to help our marketing efforts
  • Goal oriented and self motivated to achieve and surpass sales and marketing objectives
  • Disciplined, organized, detail oriented
  • Professional demeanor
  • Excellent communications -- verbal and written - Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials
  • Computer competency (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge of Medium format photo techniques –camera techniques, photography and lighting
  • Digital photography knowledge (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc.) as well as color management, basic retouching and output
  • Able to prepare and present training and PR programs
  • Licensed driver and able to meet rental car company requirements
  • Eligible to obtain a passport and able to travel internationally
  • Free to travel extensively
  • Located in Los Angeles or San Francisco
  • Deep understanding and appreciation of the high quality photographic products
  • Understanding of the photographic art market and ability/willingness to learn

Preferred qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Communication, Photographic education, or relevant subject
  • Photography goods retail market experience
  • Experience with the professional photographic market


Important considerations:


This is primarily a photography position.  Applicants who have no personal interest, experience, or exposure relative to the world of photography will not be considered.  A passion for professional medium format equipment is a must!


Travel is intensive.  The position requires a certain level of energy, enthusiasm, and ability to function in an unstructured environment.  If you enjoy travel and are not concerned about being away from home for long periods of time, often including weekends, then this job might be a good fit for you.



To apply:


Submit a cover letter and resume by email.  Please, no “generic resumes” or “mass mailings.”  Only genuinely interested candidates who submit personalized applications will be considered.  References are not necessary with initial application. 


Email:  --- FILLED ---

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General | Jobs

Phase One announced the IQ series of digital camera backs, setting a new standard for image quality.

by JamesNYCJanuary 24. 2011 09:34

Unlimited creativity at your fingertips

Today, Phase One announced the IQ series of digital camera backs, setting a new standard for image quality.

The IQ series is the answer to the professional photographer’s wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable photographic system ever engineered and built!

The first system that will ship is the Phase One IQ180 digital back. Built on the most advanced sensor ever, the IQ180 can capture images at full-frame 80 megapixel resolution with a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops. The IQ180 also features the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution camera screen ever. The large 3.2” retina type, 1.15 megapixel high resolution display delivers a pixel density so high, that your eye is unable to distinguish between individual pixels which enables you to check even very fine details instantly.

Combining a new multi touch screen and the intuitive 4-button navigation, the IQ180 makes it easier than ever to navigate between different menus and features. The multi touch screen lets you zoom, pan and browse through images or menus fast, and the unique instant zoom function allows you to zoom with the tap of a finger.

The first product of its kind to feature a USB3 connection, the IQ180 facilitates extremely fast image transfers. The IQ180 also features a FireWire 800 connection, ensuring the fastest tethered capture speeds possible today. For untethered shooting, the IQ180 digital back’s new memory card interface is so fast that it eliminates buffering delays, supporting continuous shooting until a card is filled.


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