The World’s Smallest Micro Four Thirds 4K Camera

by JamesNYCJuly 18. 2015 22:56

It’s not every day that a startup company launches a new camera to challenge the likes of heavyweights like GoPro and Panasonic, but that’s what the Las Vegas-based company Z Camera is doing. It just unveiled the 4K-capable E1, the world’s smallest Micro Four Thirds camera that combines the size of GoPro with the interchangeable lenses of mirrorless cameras.

 Specs and features in the E1 are impressive, given its petite size. It can shoot cinema-quality 4K 4096×2160 video at 24 frames per second or ultra high-def video at 3840×2160 and 30fps. The 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor at the camera’s core has “incredible” low-light performance, Z says, and can shoot at 102,400 while maintaining good image quality, thanks in part to 3D noise filtering technologies.

 A special companion app, available for iOS and Android, allow users to compose shots and control the camera using their smartphones. Other features of the E1 include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a magnesium camera body, continuous autofocus in both photos and video, a 45-minute battery life for 4K recording, and a 2.5-inch LCD screen on the back.

Z’s goal is to give the industry a compact, flexible, high-quality 4K camera that doesn’t break the bank. The company is planning to sell the E1 for a relatively low price of $699 if/when it hits store shelves. First, the company is running a fundraising campaign to launch the camera, over on Kickstarter. Z is looking for $42,000 in funding, and early contributions of $449 and up will be rewarded with an E1 camera when it starts shipping in December 2015 (if all goes according to plan).


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Propane Powered Motor Scooter-Go Clean, Go Green, Go PROGO!

by JamesNYCAugust 4. 2014 08:20

Here is a Kickstarter that we like.

Performance of gas scooter + Eco friendliness of electric scooter = The ProGo 3000 Propane Powered Motor Scooter.

The Inspiration

What inspired us here at ProGo started with a question. "Why are small motor scooters not a popular mode of transportation?" They are easy to carry and store. They are extremely cost efficient, especially with todays high gas costs. They are easy to maintain, cheap to own, and a whole lot of fun!!

So why are motor scooters, CURRENTLY, not a popular mode of transportation? To answer this question we have to take a look into both types of motor scooters currently on the market, electric and gas.



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VIDDY: The 30 minute DIY pinhole camera kit

by JamesNYCJuly 28. 2014 19:24

Here is a Kickstarter project we like


VIDDY is a screenprinted do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit made from tough, durable recycled card. It accepts both medium format and 35mm film.

Each and every VIDDY is screenprinted and die-cut by hand in the UK and is available in 4 colours; Green, Black, Blue or Red. 

VIDDY comes as a kit and the main pieces you'll need simply pop out so you'll go from flat pack to working camera in around half an hour! 

Stickers and split pins are used to build the main body and you just need a small drop of glue to construct the film advance knobs. 

There's no sharps, virtually no glue, and no mess.

Each VIDDY kit comes with everything you'll need to complete the camera, including a reclaimed medium format spool, a precision laser-cut pinhole, a red light-proof window, split pins, a sticker sheet and clear illustrated instructions alongside an easy to follow how-to video.

It's simple, educational, fully functional and takes great photographs. But most importantly, it's fun!

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Elephant Steady camera stabilizer uses iPhone gyro to stay on the level

by JamesNYCJuly 16. 2014 02:12

This is a Kickstarter campaign we like.

One of the neat things about smartphones is the fact that when gadgets are designed to be used with them, those devices can make use of the phone's sensors and other electronics instead of incorporating their own.


This, of course, means that those devices can thus be smaller and cheaper than would otherwise be possible. The Elephant Steady is a new motorized iPhone camera-stabilizing rig, that takes this approach.


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KICKSTARTER - SCATTERED by Lindsay Lindenbaum

by JamesNYCApril 30. 2013 02:42

SCATTERED by Lindsay Lindenbaum



A story about a man, fixated on documenting his life on camera & his struggle to overcome the demons from his past.

View the Kickstarter page for full details and to make your donation


Home movies rarely tell the whole story of someone's life. Instead, they show fragments of a story that the person behind the camera hopes and imagines his life to be. Years later, when one's current reality has faded or has become too difficult to bear, one returns to these memories, to this abridged story, to one version of the past. SCATTERED takes an unflinching look at my late father--a man who was fixated on documenting his life on film and who became estranged from me as a child--and unravels the story that he tried to create with his camera, to reveal the story that actually was.

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Kasama-Yaki (Made in Kasama) by Yuki Kokubo - A Kickstarter Project we love

by JamesNYCMarch 2. 2012 10:28

Kasama-Yaki (Made in Kasama) by Yuki Kokubo

An intimate look into the lives of two Japanese potters, and their reflections on life after the earthquake and tsunami

Yuki Kokubohas been a friend to this site for many years and is a very accomplished photographer and film maker.
Please take a moment to view her video and consider making a contribution to her kick starter project.

Raised in an artists’ community in Kasama, Japan, Yuki and her parents moved to New York City in 1986. She began photographing as a teenager and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2010, Yuki extensively documented the BP oil spill and coastal restoration project for the Environmental Defense Fund. She has more recently worked on projects for the National Fish & Wildlife, Climate Reality Project, and El Eden Ecological Reserve in Mexico. Yuki continues to freelance as a producer, videographer and photographer while she works on "Kasama-Yaki" which will be her first feature-length documentary.

Please contribute to this great project by following the link below


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