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NEW YORK April 19, 2013 – Large format portraits have been revived in a new inventive way with Impossible’s PQ Silver Shade8X10 Instant film. Since the introduction of this unique format in August of 2012, the film has been used by numerous professionals to test its limits.

These portraits are a true analog gem providing each customer with a singular moment normally only accessible in a large studio setting. The opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind portrait taken with the film at the Impossible NYC Space is now available every month. The image will be shot by one of Impossible’s experienced staff photographers using a natural light setting and a beautiful large format camera. Whether you bring a friend or come alone, it is sure to be a great experience for everyone.

Those who attend receive their original instant photo and the unique experience of being in front of one of these amazing large format cameras. These grand and commemorative portraits capture friends, lovers, families and individuals in exquisite sharp detail, depth, and texture using ImpossiblePQ Silver Shade 8×10 film.

The portrait sessions will be held weekends monthly at $40 each frame.

RSVP: Reservations recommended

Open hours Saturday and Sunday: 12:30-3:30

The Impossible Project Space

425 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
T: (212) 219-3254

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POLAROID IMPOSSIBLE exhibition on June 17 at Westlicht. Museum of Photography in Vienna.

by JamesNYCJune 1. 2011 10:45

we are excited to inform you about the opening of the POLAROID [IM]POSSIBLE exhibition on June 17 at Westlicht. Museum of Photography in Vienna.


POLAROID [IM]POSSIBLE from June 17 – August 21 WestLicht

The exhibition POLAROID [IM]POSSIBLE opens on June 16 in Westlicht. Museum of Photography and is a pure celebration of the past, present and future of analog instant photography.

An inspiring, never before seen profile of the Polaroid Collection

The exhibition shows a representative profile of the recently saved, legendary, European part of the Polaroid Collection, featuring works by photographers such as Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Mary Ellen Mark or Andy Warhol. The eye catcher are large format Polaroids (20x24 inch) taken with a special custom made camera. Conceptual art such as collages, opulent arrangements and trendy staging reflect the zeitgeist of the 70s and 80s. Next to the big names, there are also many works of outstanding photographers unknown on the art market until now.

New and exciting Impossible Instant Artworks
Beyond, the exhibition is complemented with fresh photographs taken on new Impossible film by artists such as Nobuyoshi Araki or Stefanie Schneider. The unique Impossible film materials, invented and produced at the former Polaroid factory in Enschede (NL), push analog instant photography beyond all traditional limits and offer a new, broad range of possibilities, characteristics and results, appreciated by international photographers. A selection of those contemporary, analog instant photography cooperations will be presented at the exhibition.

  The specific authenticity and unique magic of instant art communicate a broad range of important genres and innovative processes. In the exhibition, they are presented alongside the various camera and film types. A companion book „From Polaroid to Impossible / Masterpieces of Instant Photography – The Westlicht Collection“ is published by Hatje Cantz. (German-English, 192 pages, contains ca.200 colorful plates, hardcover with book jacket, € 39,80).

The WestLicht Collection

June 17 - August 21, 2011

Tue, Wed, Fri: 2 - 7 pm
Thu: 2 - 9 pm
Sat, Sun, Hol: 11 am - 7 pm
Closed on Mondays

WestLicht. Museum of Photography
Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Vienna
+43 (0)1 522 66 36

The most analog store of all times

June 17 - August 21, 2011

Tue, Wed, Fri: 2 - 7.30 pm
Thu: 2 - 9 pm
Sat: 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Impossible Pop Up Shop
Westbahnstraße 43
1070 Vienna
+43 1 522 32 13


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