Hasselblad - new firmware for the H4D-60 plus released Phocus 2.6.4 for the Mac platform

by JamesNYCJuly 12. 2011 10:54

For your information we have just released a new firmware for the
H4D-60 plus released Phocus 2.6.4 for the Mac platform, available for immediate download on the Hasselblad website.

Firmware R500 for H4D-60:

New Features:

- Rear LCD updated to full resolution
- One click 100% instant focus check
- Camera grip info on rear LCD
- Two directional electronic spirit level
- Live Video (requires Phocus 2.6.3 or later)
- Support for Rollei & Schneider electronic shutter systems


- Power down not working properly bug fixed
- Correct white balance tag embedded in file (daylight, tungsten etc.)
- User interface and stability optimization

Note on new features: Requires new body firmware 2.2.4 and Viewfinder firmware 2.2.0 for the H4D camera which is also available for immediate download.

Phocus 2.6.4 Mac:

- Supports live video on the H4D-60 - this functionality requires an update of the sensor unit firmware to R500.
- Fixes a viewer issue with displaying 3rd party files at 100% or more.
- Fixes a possible crash during 6-shot capture.


"Hey HASSE?" Thanks for the email about the update, but howz about including a download link?


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Hasselblad releases n ew Phocus Family: Phocus 2.6, Phocus Quick an d Phocus Mobile

by JamesNYCFebruary 23. 2011 13:13

Phocus Family of Software Solutions
Hasselblad is proud to introduce the Phocus Family of software products, offering tools matching the changing working conditions photographers face with each new assignment. With three different products, each catering to a different style of working, these new Phocus options easily overcome shifting workflow challenges by providing a high level of efficiency and flexibility of choice.

Phocus 2.6 – available for download now
Phocus 2.6 is Hasselblad's powerful, easy-to-use imaging software. It offers improvements that expand both application's capabilities and workflow speed. Brand new cross-platform features such as the Dust Removal Tool, Star Rating and Filtering, a much faster multi-shot viewer and improved quality at lower resolution, plus Windows support for TIFF and JPEG files are now part of version 2.6.

For more information on Phocus 2.6 visit the Hasselblad website at:

Phocus Quick – available for download now
Phocus Quick offers a semi-automated solution to import and process your raw files using the core strengths of the full version of Phocus. The application imports your images applying basic image adjustments and saves both – a backup raw copy and a jpg of each image. Ready for printing or viewing, and ready for future more advanced imaging enhancements.

For more information on Phocus Quick visit the Hasselblad website at:

Phocus Mobile – available for download in March 2011
Phocus Mobile completes the Phocus Family with an imaging app for iPads and iPhones. The app connects wirelessly to a Mac running Phocus 2.6 and allows users to remotely browse, and rate images. With an H4D camera connected, you have full access to tethered shooting, including all the unique camera controls offered by the H4D.
Phocus Mobile is available as a free download in March 2011 from the Apple App store.

To download Phocus 2.6 and Phocus Quick for free, simply register your email-address at:

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