Phase One - Vertical grip for the Phase One 645DF camera

by JamesNYCAugust 24. 2010 23:52
The Phase One V-Grip Air is designed for perfect integration with the Phase One 645DF camera. The V-Grip Air extends the familiar Phase One 645DF ergonomics, dramatically improving portrait shooting and handling. Advanced features include wireless flash trigger for 1/1600sec sync and USB connection port for easy firmware updates of the camera body.
See mor on the Phase One web site.

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Phase One - Vertical grip for the Phase One 645DF camera

by JamesNYCAugust 24. 2010 22:24

The Phase One V-Grip Air is designed for perfect integration with the Phase One 645DF camera. The V-Grip Air extends the familiar Phase One 645DF ergonomics, dramatically improving portrait shooting and handling. Advanced features include wireless flash trigger for 1/1600sec sync and USB connection port for easy firmware updates of the camera body.
See mor on the Phase One web site.

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The Sun Was High (So Was I)

by JamesNYCAugust 18. 2010 09:49

A new video by photographer David Harry Stewart


A David Harry Stewart film.

See more of David Harry Stewart here>


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by JamesNYCAugust 15. 2010 19:44
KickStarter is a site dedicated to funding artists and their projects and here a a very worth while project that we believe you should take a look at.

Brandon Schulman has been taking pictures since his childhood, making prints in his fathers B&W darkroom before he could even read. Upon Graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara with honors he moved to NYC to start his commercial career. Brandon has traveled to 13 countries over the past 9 years; constantly drawn to new environments and cultures. Roughly three years ago Brandon realized that he was forgetting about something very important, his own country! Since then, he has set out at least every year for a two week project photographing a few states at a time. Brandon predominately shoots with his Linhof Master Technika (4x5 camera) and prints every print by hand in his own Color Darkroom in Brooklyn, New York.

This is my third big trip (second Kickstarter project) for my ongoing series titled: “A Portrait of America Left Behind”.
You are directly contributing to this body of work! Any image that you find in this gallery for the link below taken in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada are because of people like you!

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"Boys in the desert with guns" our interview with photographer David Harry Stewart

by JamesNYCAugust 8. 2010 22:38
Recently we interviewed lifestyle and advertising photographer David Harry Stewart.

Davids Bio:
David comes from a small town in western New York. He started taking pictures at the age of 8, first with a plastic Kodak 126, then a Polaroid Swinger.
He did his first national ad campaign at age 23, then moved on to Paris to work for fashion magazines. Returning to New York he has a successful and award winning career, working for magazines like Interview, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, New York Magazine, Time and The New York Times Magazine. Agency work includes Saatchi, Deutsch, BBDO, Leo Burnett, and Ogilivy, for clients such as American Express, Nike, Coke, Corona and Bank of America. Awards include Communication Arts, The Art Directors Club, Photo District News, The Living Photograph Motion Awards, and American Photography.
He splits his time between Los Angeles and New York.
In this installment David talks about his recent video 'Asia Mon Amour' , Changes in his work since moving to La. and how these changes relate to changes in the photo industry.

In this installment James askes David about a past job they worked on together for Marlboro Japan, as well as the 'Boys in the desert with guns' images shot in Moab Utah.

David talks about job budgets, his portraits, getting to know your subject, and the dance of motion capture.

James asks David what compels him to shoot, and comments on the photographers commitment to his images and his client.

David's thoughts on photo assistants, digital techs, & new photographers making the transition to shooting & the level of commitment needed. His early influences & current photographers he finds interesting.

James asks David what he would like to be known for, about teaching, info on his blog, the special projects on his site: Olympic divers and rescue dogs. And thoughts on Photo consultants.

David talks about the business of photography, model releases, property releases, copyright. Motion capture work, the equipment he's using; & the importance of hiring qualified photo assistants & digital techs.

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Sigma Momtographers' Photo Contest

by JamesNYCAugust 6. 2010 09:14

Submissions for Sigma’s Momtographers’ Contest due Aug. 16
Grand prize winner to receive $2,500 in cash, three others to win $500 in photography gear

Ronkonkoma, NY, Aug. 5, 2010 – Are you a mother who loves to take and share pictures of your kids? If so, you could win cash and photography gear in this year’s Sigma Corporation of America Momtographers’ Contest. But hurry, time is running out!

Sigma Corporation of America is accepting submissions in three categories for the Momtographers’ Contest until midnight on Aug. 16. Photographers my submit images for “Dressed for Success,” “The Holidays and Vacation,” and “Funny Faces” to vie for a grand prize of $2,500 cash.

Once the submission process closes on Aug. 16, the public will vote for their favorite photos through Sept. 20, and the top vote-getter in each category will receive $500 worth of Sigma products. Separate from the voting, Sigma executives will select and announce the grand prize winner on Sept. 29.

For information about the Sigma Corporation of America “Momtographers’ Photo Contest,” eligibility, the application process, material submissions and a formal list of contest rules, visit

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Noho Productions welcomes new director of digital services

by JamesNYCAugust 3. 2010 22:39

From the desk of Paul Grand

Noho Productions is pleased to welcome Robert Haavie to our team as our
new director of digital services. If you don’t know Robert already, he brings a
wealth of experience and knowledge with him.

Robert joins Noho Productions with more than 10 years of experience
overseeing digital capture services in New York. For the past 5 years,
Robert was director of all digital services at Pier 59 Studios (Pier 59 Digital Art
and 59Motion). Prior to Pier 59, Robert was the director of digital services at
Color Edge Capture and a cofounder/managing partner at TREC RGB.

Robert has joined Noho Productions to recreate our digital department into
a state-of-the-art facility servicing our clients’ digital capture and video needs.
With the once separate worlds of still photography and video rapidly merging
together, Robert has the experience to guide our clients as they incorporate
motion capture into their still photography shoots.

You’ll be hearing from us soon, as we unveil our new digital department
including a new motion capture workflow designed for “tabletop motion”.
In the meantime, we welcome your input and would enjoy talking to you
about your upcoming digital still and motion capture needs. Please don’t
hesitate to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, call or email Robert
(, with any thoughts or questions you may have.

Noho Productions
636 Broadway 8th Floor
New York NY 10012

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5 Questions for a Hollywood Director:

by JamesNYCJuly 29. 2010 09:08
Our friend David Harry Stewart posted a great article on his site

5 Questions for a Hollywood Director:

David Tausik has worked in Hollywood for over 20 years as a director, producer and writer. He started his career working under Roger Corman. He is now preparing a feature he wrote and will be directing, to be set in Cuba

You can check it out here

The cycle begins again and the photo history repeats itself.

by JamesNYCJuly 10. 2010 21:48

I saw this link on a twitter post and thought I would share it.

It seems every 15 years the photo industry retreads the stuff we used to do and call it new.
this is a perfect example of what we did in studio 20 years ago.
And we did it before computers.

Back then, the olden dayz,.. like 18-20 years ago,... photographers called it "Photo Illustartion"
In fact some photographers whole business and marketing plan was based on their photo inllustartion and nothing else. Suffice it to say that they did not last long and the smart ones rebuilt their business model and managed to stay in business. Others were stubborn and not so lucky. (Names witheld to protect those now out of business)

Some of you, older than 20, may recall when Chip Simons began his career and was one of the first to introduce the concept of light painting for editorial and commercial photography. This was around 1990 or 1991? I can't recall exactly. Those interested in photo history can dig up an old copy of PDN to see the article they did on him.
Next came Aaron Jones and his invention: the 'Hosemaster' which was an interesteing marketing gimmick along with the instructional videos that so many ran to invest in. kinda like those guys you see buying up all of the latest crap at the Photo Plus Expo that will help them become "Pro Photographers".
Even earlier Man Ray Pablo Picasso was photographed in 1949 doing a quick sketch in the air.

SO why did this trend never last?
Because it is time consuming, labor intensive, and th eresults can not be duplicated exactly every time.
As we know clients want it yesretday, they want dozens of shots a day, and they want it cheap. Light painting, when done properly ain't cheap. Shooting digitaly certainly speeds things up but even so your still looking at long time exposures and if your using strobe your doing multi-pops of the stobe. Amazing results but not something for those not tech savvy.
We also as in the Youtube video used non-standard forms of strobes and lighting. ("And I'd be happy to sell you that information.")

For any photo school students I would suggest spending a weekend playing around like this. It will teach you invaluable lessons in lighting and exposure.

I should also add one more thing, anyone can do this type of photography. Very few can do it very well.

Digital Manager Position Available

by JamesNYCJune 18. 2010 22:28
Sent to us by Paul at Noho Productions

Digital Manager Position Available

A rare opportunity to join Noho Productions…

Our new digital manager, like all members of our team, will be involved in many different tasks (digital and non-digital), in pursuit of one common goal – insuring our clients have the most pleasant shooting experience that we are capable of providing. You’ll be joining a small company with a family type atmosphere, in which each team member brings different skills and experience to Noho Productions, but all share a common work ethic of helping our clients and teammates in ways that go far beyond our job titles.

The service that our team provides is unique among rental studio facilities in New York. We have specialized equipment, experience and an understanding of still life photography that draws leading still life photographers here from all over the world - shooting for advertising agencies, design firms and magazines.

As digital manager, you will assume overall responsibility for the quality of our digital services. You will be digital teching on set (studio and location), retouching, printing, processing and organizing files. You will screen, hire and support our roster of freelance techs. You will be responsible to maintain our digital cameras, digital workstations, local network, server, and 28 computers. You’ll be troubleshooting on and off set and ensuring that our clients’ files are delivered on time.

Most importantly - you’ll be part of a team, driven to serve its clients. We each play pivotal and crossover roles. We go out of our way to help each other and in return, our clients.

We offer a generous salary commensurate with experience, a full benefits package, as well as many additional perks.

If Noho Productions sounds like the type of company you would like to join and you:

are an experienced digital manager or have at least 3 years experience as a digital

capture technician with medium and large format camera systems

thoroughly understand digital workflow from capture to asset management

are proficient with all major capture software programs

have a strong understanding of color management

are a proficient retoucher and printer

appreciate the importance of client service and instinctively enjoy helping people

Please contact me, in confidence:

Paul Grand, owner


Mail: 636 Broadway 8th Fl. New York NY 10012

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